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  1. EELinneman

    Russia gets into the EV game

    Keep children away from your screen when you view this.
  2. EELinneman

    Ford Explorer EV revealed (Europe only)

    It looks like they must be buying from VW Ford Turns VW ID.4 Into Explorer EV For Europe | Carscoops
  3. EELinneman

    Yet another reason that Ford should move to direct sales

    Ford Dealer Sued for Allegedly Sneaking $43,000 Into Super Duty Sale, Forging Signatures ( Shameful and unethical actions by a dealer. Be grateful if the dealer that you are working with or bought your car is an honest, good company and people.
  4. EELinneman

    Not a lot of EVs in Prague

    Seen some Mustang GTs but mo MME so far
  5. EELinneman

    Just confirmed - no eta on HVBJB replacements for GT

    My GT PE had the HVBJB fail on 8/25. Dealing with Ford has been a complete disaster, but wanted people to know that as of 10 minutes ago, the person working the second case at Gord's BEV team confirmed that they have no ETA on replacement parts. I'm 2 weeks from being qualified to lemon law...
  6. EELinneman

    When did your HVBJB Fail

    Just starting to gather some data Failure Date Model Year Model MIleage 22S41 Installed? 8/25/2022 2021 GT PE 7791.2 Yes, by dealer
  7. EELinneman

    How bad is the charging map in the FordPass - bad!

    I don't have any confidence in a lot of aspects of the FordPass, and today the charging map just reinforced my disappointment. Here is what FordPass shows for a charger at the REI in Littleton. 0 of 4 available. Been like that for a while. And, here is the correct info provided by the...
  8. EELinneman

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    The ass hat is sitting in his car doing this
  9. EELinneman

    New Ford Power UP 2.8.3 Feature - Air Conditioning all the time?

    Since getting the OTA that installed Power Up 2.8.3 I am unable to turn off the AC. Yes, I've made sure it's not in auto, tried a number of things including turning the temperature up high. I can bring up the climate control screen and tap the AC button and it turns off and then back on within...
  10. EELinneman

    How can the GOM be this bad? Any tips for consumer steps to improve?

    This weekend drove to the airport and back as well as some errands then plugged in last evening. Ford Pass is telling me that it added 89 miles with 32 kWh. Sounds reasonable, except I actually drove 132 miles, not 89. While I can understand that this is a prediction, it's a really bad one...
  11. EELinneman

    My neighborhood is improving

    While on a walk, my wife and spotted a new car on our street. I'll try to get the story, but we have a new Polestar on my street! Plus, I've seen another silver GT PE a couple of times now.
  12. EELinneman

    The Range Fairy paid us a visit!

    It seems like every day during winter we get a post from somebody who is asking what happened to their range! Somedays more than 1 it seems. Well, it hit 89 degrees here in Colorado on Saturday and sometime that night the Range Fairy paid a visit to my house and sprinkled her magic dust all...
  13. EELinneman

    Asking prayers

    Please take this with the understanding a large amount of humor. I'm doing driving school with my wife this evening in the GT. She is petrified to drive this, but we have to do this. Some history: when she and I first met, I tried and tried to teach her how to drive a manual transmission, but...
  14. EELinneman

    Not sure how I feel about the Shelby MME

    Article here, but seems like a half step
  15. EELinneman

    Very informative video on the Lucid Motors battery design

    Pretty insightful in my opinion. Makes me wonder when Ford will switch from packet to cylindrical cells
  16. EELinneman

    Ford setting up "Electric University"

  17. EELinneman

    Day Light Saving Time switch + Departure Time = Ailurefay!

    So, got into my car this morning to run my Sunday morning errands and discovered that the switch to DST made the car not do the set departure time preconditioning. The time on the car changed, both the car and the phone show that the departure time is set and activated, it just didn't happen...
  18. EELinneman

    Smoked Tesla S - care of Mach-E

    I want to preface this by saying I know that I shouldn't do this. And, usually, my wife is good at moderating any aggressive behavior behind the wheel, but, she was an active participant. Where we live here in Colorado there is one main road in and out of the neighborhood. There...
  19. EELinneman

    Ford Pass 4.10 Ignores 100% Charge Request

    I plugged my car in last night and used the option on Ford Pass to charge to 100% since I have a long drive planned today. The car charged to the default setting of 90%. Double checked in both the app and car and it ignored the 100% request. The lack of quality and consistency with Ford's...