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  1. Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    Being cynical here, but that's if we're taking Lectron's word that it is indeed a logistics issue. Those happen more often than one might think, but I'm hoping it really is a mistake rather than a cover-up.
  2. Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    Wait, I thought J3400 handles are essentially indestructible, compared to the paper mâché CCS1 handles?! /slightly tongue-in-cheek
  3. Software Update 6.14 Rolling Out to Mustang Mach-E

    I don't understand why actual fixes aren't in the change log - like the fact that the Android Bluetooth static issue has been fixed (finally!). Ford has some really bizarre software development/communication practices.
  4. Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    I already did the IPMA update (and yes, I am quite familiar with bricking the flashing process; I've killed the process several times, including having FDRS crash on me). Just wondering if there's a bit or two to flip in Forscan to enable other parts, like the in-lane adjustment or the car...
  5. Coming soon: BlueCruise 1.3

    Soooo... Is there a Forscan guide for the Mach-E, or did I miss it?
  6. Android Phone all static after OTA

    Hey @Ford Motor Company this is your daily reminder (business days only, I decided) that this issue still isn't fixed. And no, my VIN and Ford dealer ain't gonna help. The sooner you get this through to your team lead, the sooner we'll get off this train of annoyance.
  7. Hertz "Horror Show"

    The Polestar is a really quite reliable EV; I would have rather been on a horse wagon than a base Altima 😂
  8. Hertz "Horror Show"

    Why they didn't build even the most rudimentary L2 charging stations in their locations boggles the mind. A whole bunch of 48A L2 chargers would have been plenty, even if they relaxed the "refueling" rules to bring it back with ~40% SoC or whatever.
  9. Android Phone all static after OTA

    I'm about to go on a crusade of: a) tagging @Ford Motor Company on this thread; b) sending PMs to @Ford Motor Company; c) recording one of those voice feedback things from the car every single day until this is fixed. Back when PaaK setup wouldn't proceed if your phone brand didn't have a...
  10. Jim Farley Discusses Switch to NACS

    Sure, I 100% agree with your statements - but what exactly is the problem then? We know that reliable charging hardware exists somewhere in the world, but why on earth would EA and EVgo not be able to access that? That is the question I want answers to. Also, as far as execs not calling other...
  11. Jim Farley Discusses Switch to NACS

    So my question is - why are we having subpar equipment? EU DC chargers seem to be quite a bit more reliable (maybe still not as reliable as Tesla's, but still). Everyone likes to say "EA doesn't give a shit about their product because it's a punishment" - fine, but that doesn't explain EVgo or...
  12. Jim Farley Discusses Switch to NACS

    Not sure why Farley didn't call up EA/EVgo/ChargePoint/whatever CEO and ask them wtf is going on with their network, and what it would take for it to suck less. Secondly, not sure why everyone is going on and on about charge port locations. V4 superchargers have longer cords, so problem solved...
  13. Android Phone all static after OTA

    @Ford Motor Company can you please escalate this? It looks like this is happening across several Ford models F150 Lightning, Maverick, etc. from a cursory Google search.
  14. 23-PU1113-UNX-DC just hit

    VINs. CCS is a pretty complex protocol and lots of information can be exchanged during the handshake, so a lot can be done on the server side.
  15. Tesla Supercharger network now up to 66 locations with Magic Dock (4/17/24)

    Those two have been listed on the Tesla site for quite a while now; not sure about Plugshare, though.
  16. EA station overcharged by almost triple the amount delivered

    141 kWh in ~40 minutes is an average of ~211 kW of power. Boy, do I wish we could see that kind of speed with this car 🤣. Heck, I'd be happy to see half of that power sustained over the 40 minute period.
  17. Ford Confirms: Owners Won't Need Tesla App to Supercharge

    You're right - it's not necessarily Ford's fault. There's very little visibility into this issue in general, and the confusing/lack of communication doesn't help, from both EA and Ford. It would seem to me that a symbiotic relationship between Ford and EA makes sense; driving business to EA and...
  18. About had it with poor CS charging infrastructure, when/how do we get the Tesla adapter?

    Ha, no, farthest south(east) I've ever gone in the car is West Virginia. I just looked on Plugshare to see what was going on in that area (I'm always curious about specific DC charging routes), and saw that dealership charger. Roadtripping around the midwest has been fine and no one's bothered...
  19. About had it with poor CS charging infrastructure, when/how do we get the Tesla adapter?

    I've actually never had that issue with CCS charging (level 2 charging is another matter altogether), especially if it's paid. Although I've only had such experiences in the midwest 😄