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  1. OTA Updates - What triggers them?

    I dream of the day when updates are available "on demand", and not just when they feel like rolling them to small groups. unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen.
  2. New FordPass app? Not sure how I feel.

    among other things, I hate the fact there is a forced pass code use now for the apple watch ford app. Who wants to constantly fiddle with pass codes on your wrist.
  3. New FordPass app? Not sure how I feel.

    long way to go to really be useful. seems geared to a 3rd grader.
  4. New FordPass app? Not sure how I feel.

    when I touched the ford icon on the watch it said I now had to enable a pass code for security in order to use the watch app
  5. New FordPass app? Not sure how I feel.

    Except that it has to enable a pass code to work. no thanks then... useless for me at that point.
  6. New FordPass app? Not sure how I feel.

    I don't care for the huge climate start button on the homescreen which I have already accidentally pressed.
  7. Is there a way to correct map data (incorrect address etc)

    my street and actually the whole development that i live on was put into service three years ago. the Ford map shows nothing there. I'm not sure why they don't pass out updated maps.
  8. how do you fix no wifi choices & "spinning" search for updates?

    when it happens it does not show any list of available wifi choice. home away anywhere. it just shuts down all connected services during this time. it's like connectivity overlord happens and it has to rest for some hours to work again.
  9. how do you fix no wifi choices & "spinning" search for updates?

    occasionally I get an endless searching for updates when checking for software updates in sync. when this happens selecting look for wifi availability results in no wifi info at all. reboot and park and restart car doesn't help. sometimes back to normal later that day or the next day or so...
  10. What model tires are on the '24 GT?

    Does anyone know which tires are on the 24' standard version of GT's yet? The 23's are the exact same as the 21's.
  11. Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    I have had many front camera failures as well. Unless it breaks and stays broken, the dealer (and Ford) typically won't do anything.
  12. BlueCruise mapping

    my map is way out of date. is it even possible to get an updated version? my two and a half year old new street still isn't listed by Ford map.
  13. Rivian R2 Reveal w/ R3 and R3X Surprises! $45K, 0-60 >3 seconds, 300+ miles range, NACS port, 4695 batteries

    oh yeah you mean the Chevy Chevette that also did zero to sixty in under 3 seconds? 😁 i also think the port location is addressing the problems with other models taking up two spaces at the tesla chargers on some of the old existing superchargers that have very short cables meant for the tesla...
  14. NACS Adapter Now Available + Ford EV Owners Can Now Charge on Tesla Superchargers in U.S., Canada! 🙌

    who doesn't love a good fight at the Tesla charging station... ugh
  15. 24-PU0119-DC-CHG4

    well i have till may to get this update I guess.
  16. Are all the other Job 2, 2021 GT's still stuck on Powerup 6.6?

    6.7 and one getting ready for updates update..whatever that is..
  17. Power Up 6.x Poll

    sure are a lot of updates "getting you ready for more updates".. I think we're ready.. o_O