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  1. Mach-E VLOG

    Mustang's 60th on April 17th!

    The 60th birthday of the Mustang is on Wednesday and Ford has a big birthday party planned at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We'll be going and hope to see some other Mustang Mach-E owners there as well! Of course, a lot of the festivities are focused on traditional Mustangs but they do mention...
  2. Mach-E VLOG

    EV Fest & Mustang Day Celebration on April 13 in Long Beach

    We are joining up with SoCal EVs & Tesla Club SoCal for EV FEST!!! And since it is also the 60th Anniversary of the Mustang, we will be celebrating with our electric Mustangs! We'll have a special section reserved for Mustang Mach-Es! ⚡️EV FEST April 13 | 12pm – 2pm | Long Beach City College...
  3. Mach-E VLOG

    First Mach-E road trip using Superchargers and NACS!

    We took the FIRST road trip by a Mustang Mach-E using the NACS adapter and Tesla Superchargers! We checked out the LARGEST Supercharger in the world and the 4 stall EA station across the freeway. We also stopped at some other Superchargers and tried a V3 station that wasn't listed as available...
  4. Mach-E VLOG

    2024 Mach-E GT in Eruption Green with Bronze Package -- first live photos!

    We just got to the Chicago Auto Show and they had this on display. Looks even better in person:
  5. Mach-E VLOG

    Google Maps EV Routing demo in Mach-E Sync 4A at CES 2024 (VIDEO)

    As discussed in this thread, Google and Ford announced that EV route planning via Google Maps will be coming soon to Mach-E and Lightning owners using Android Auto. We got a brief demo of this as well as a peak at Android Automotive in the Polestar 3. And... as a bonus, you will also see the...
  6. Mach-E VLOG

    We took a Model Y road trip

    We had to rent a Model Y pay month while our bumper was being repaired after a hit & run. This is the first in a series of videos we made with the Model Y. It was nice and Supercharging was good to have, but there are differences that made us appreciate our Mach-E
  7. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford booth tour at the LA Auto Show with Mike Levine

    We took a tour of Ford EVs at the LA Auto Show with Mike Levine from Ford!
  8. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford has officially launched their new Feedback feature

    Some of you already have this and it has been rolling out to the Mach-E recently. It's an easy way to record & send a voice memo in your Mach-E to give feedback (good & bad) about the car. I got to interview one of the engineers behind the feature and did a quick demo. Take a look and then go...
  9. Mach-E VLOG

    LED GT emblem upgrade

    We switched our GT logo for one that lights up - including startup animation and reverse light! Full details and installation video here:
  10. Mach-E VLOG

    BlueCruise 1.3 First Drive

    While we were in Detroit, Ford let us drive a Mach-E with BlueCruise 1.3 on it. It was only a short drive (less than 20 minutes), so it was hard to really judge it, but it seemed really smooth. For many of us that have 1.0, new features in BlueCruise 1.2 include Lane Change Assist and In-Lane...
  11. Mach-E VLOG

    National Drive Electric Week is coming up!

    The annual National Drive Electric Week is coming up at the end of the month and there are events all over the US. They are setup to help raise awareness about EVs. They are also a great opportunity to connect with other EV owners. You can visit to find one near...
  12. Mach-E VLOG

    Mach-E Rally Edition at the Detroit Auto Show

    Got some pics of the Mach-E Rally at the Detroit Auto Show. We also filmed a video that we'll upload later.
  13. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford Electric Cars & Coffee on 9/15! in Detroit

    Details or RSVP here - Come join us at the historic Ford Piquette Plant for a gathering of electric Fords! We can show off our rides and customizations plus talk about the new Mustang Mach-E Rally that was just announced! This will be in the parking lot of...
  14. Mach-E VLOG

    Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition! Priced ~$65K, 480hp, 650lb-ft, raised 20mm, Rally Sport Mode, ordering open early 2024

    Set your alarm clocks! At 6am Eastern & 3am Pacific, this video is going live! There is already a link to a page on with a few more details:
  15. Mach-E VLOG

    EV Fiesta on Sept. 9 in San Marcos

    Really fun EV FIesta this weekend at the EV Learning Center in San Marcos! Hope to see you there! EV Vida will be there with some great Mach-E accessories.
  16. Mach-E VLOG

    Ford's EV transition plans: a summary as of 9/5/23

    There's been a lot of press releases and announcements over the past few months about Ford's future EV transition plans. I tried to gather all the information and go over it in one presentation. It ended up being a loooong video! If you are interested in all of the details about future battery &...
  17. Mach-E VLOG

    Our meeting with Jim Farley to talk about Ford EVs

    A couple of weeks ago, when Jim Farley was on that EV road trip in a Lightning, we got to meet him at one of the stops. We were included with a group of people invited to sit down with Jim for about 45 minutes to talk about EVs. We didn't get to film the whole thing, but we tried to take notes...
  18. Mach-E VLOG

    One year review of Blucifer Twocifer!

    We bought our Mach-E GT Performance Edition one year ago today!
  19. Mach-E VLOG

    Fit e-bike IN the Mach-E?

    My e-bike order is ready and I can save some money by picking it up at the factory about 60 miles from my home. That might be the only time I need to transport the bike so I don't want to add a trailer hitch. Has anyone tried fitting a cruiser style e-bike in the cargo area of the Mach-E? Did...
  20. Mach-E VLOG

    Need a Mach-E or Lightning for an event in Pittsburgh on June 12th!

    Pittsburgh friends with a ⚡️Lightning or Mach-E⚡️. Last minute shenanigans have appeared!⭐️ Route Zero is looking for someone to put their Ford EV on display on Monday morning at the Great Lawn for their big event with the Mayor. ⭐️ Your ride would be on display from 9am to about noon. Please...