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  1. Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Errors

    I'd check the connection and A pillar for the bend before paying that
  2. MY21 Blue Cruise Fix Not Covered Under Warranty

    @HowdyDoody when exactly did your BlueCruise stop working?
  3. What to do with this lemon?

    Find a new dealer, that one doesn't know jack or doesn't want your business. Codes are stored in the modules and sent to the cloud which they can access
  4. Ford NACS Adapter has shipped [and NOW ARRIVING]!

  5. Ford NACS Adapter has shipped [and NOW ARRIVING]!

    Shipping company messed up the list. Expect the rest to all go out sequentially by order number
  6. Unexpected, occasional reduced power

    Let me guess, it always happens at 88mph? It is your oil pump, you need to get an appointment with your dealer
  7. Software Update 6.14 Rolling Out to Mustang Mach-E

    Having max front defrost available is a requirement. How it is implemented is not. But if it is only on the screen and the screen dies or has a widespread issue where it won't turn on due to a memory issue like Tesla had, then you have to issue a recall. By having a hard button as backup then if...
  8. Charging issue

    FINALLY!!! If you don't want to wait for the OTA and are having this issue there is now a TSB for your dealer to follow to fix this.
  9. Got 6.14.0 update - Now Predictive Speed Assist & Lane Change Assist no longer work.

    Your signature says you have a 21MY, it should never have been changing lanes on its own before
  10. TSB 24-2062 - Inoperative BlueCruise And Lane Centering After An OTA Update, CMR DTCs

    As predicted, a new TSB has been issued this morning for this. NOW your dealer will be able to fix your camera module if you had the fault and your BlueCruise doesn't work. TSB 24-2087
  11. TSB 24-2062 - Inoperative BlueCruise And Lane Centering After An OTA Update, CMR DTCs

    You do not need to visit your dealer at this point. Wait for the update to get fixed and sent out to you again
  12. Update 6.13.0 caused Driver Monitor Camera Fault

    Where does it say to take it to your dealer?