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  1. Breaker for new Garage charger.

    Cost compared to 3 wire vs 4 wire is fairly minimal considering 4 wire cable will future proof your setup. I have 4 wire AWG6 both for my Mach-e charger and for a new induction cooktop/oven. 50A circuits for both.
  2. Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    In the 18th century less than half the population was literate. In most of the world schools as we know them did not exist and cartoons were used to support or denigrate royals and politicians. A picture could be worth more than 100 words.
  3. Very positive long-term Mach-E ownership review by Edmunds

    Fortunately the shift wheel/dial just keeps rolling when at the end, and with no ill effects. ;)
  4. Charging Amps Install?

    I agree with Just Lurking and V8toEV. A 48A charger should provide sufficient charge overnight, and will require a 60A circuit.
  5. Questions from a beginner

    Very good advice from all. I have used my mobile charger at home. It is connected to a 40A circuit. Surprised that a mobile charger is not included with your Premium. However, mine has been replaced twice due to poor performance during high ambient temps - as another commented. Dealer replaced...
  6. Very positive long-term Mach-E ownership review by Edmunds

    Curious what you would recommend instead of the start button? I think it is both intuitive, i.e. the operator knows the battery is active and motors are ready to operate, and a safety feature, i.e. unless started the vehicle won't move if the transmission is turned from Park to Drive or...
  7. Mach-E Cargo Liner position?

    Be aware that to support a lot of weight the rear floor should be in the down or flat position. In the upper position it is only supported by two side posts. I would not load several heavy luggage roller bags on it or drop something heavy on it. Previous posts mentioned this.
  8. Radio Presets Come and Go???

    The other recommendations are probably valid. Several factors can affect the presets. We experienced radio presets changing based on which profile is active. My wife and I have different listening preferences so if her profile is active then I need to activate mine to access my presets. Usually...
  9. Parking light?

    Sounds like an electrical switch not releasing.
  10. Mach E wave

    Yes. Five Cyber Orange MMEs in area as far as I can determine. Made contact with two.
  11. Poll: Do You Have The Charge Assist / Public Charging SYNC App?

    Yes. Exactly what I do. I thought the poll concerned downloading an app to cell phones. I apologize if I misunderstood.
  12. Poll: Do You Have The Charge Assist / Public Charging SYNC App?

    I simply hate adding apps. I don't need an app to fill my ICE car with gas, so I want to be able to pull into a DCFC location, connect and charge, either with Plug and Charge or credit card. Plus, I don't want to search for a DCFC charger on my cell phone while driving, so I want chargers to be...
  13. Connected Nav required for DCFC Precondition

    I am generally supportive of Ford, particularly for taking the risk of being an early BEV manufacturer. However, charging subscription fees for essential features does not engender positive customer sentiments. Ford: This will be a money sink because you will spend money to develop...
  14. Is Ford (like GM) sharing our very personal info with insurers

    Glad I buy thin mints with cash. :cool:
  15. Is Ford (like GM) sharing our very personal info with insurers

    Perhaps you misunderstood me to imply that Ford shares data with insurance companies. I did not. However, Ford COULD share data with its insurance subsidiary, lending subsidiary, etc. That is clear in its statement. Good situational awareness could be interpreted by insurance companies as...
  16. Is Ford (like GM) sharing our very personal info with insurers

    So many issues are involved. Basically, these type of privacy disclosures and consumers' requirement to accept them amounts to a whirlpool of consequences which cannot be anticipated. This is for me the main concern. My constitutional rights to due process should not be compromised by the...
  17. Tested: Pros & Cons of charging Mach-E at Tesla Superchargers -- by WSJ

    I liked the video. One question: If someone is already registered with Plug and Charge, is any other registration required? I thought not.
  18. I-Pass Sticker in Illinois

    I hope this helps. The area behind and on each side of the rear-view mirror, i.e. which has the dark dots, is not coated with a material that interferes with the transponder RFID signal. The rest of the windshield is coated. Cameras may not be able to photo-read (my term) a bar code through the...
  19. Finally personally saw the difference between battery preconditioning and no battery preconditioning

    I agree finding the charging stations is arcane. I complained to Ford last year that the charging stations should be a primary navigation menu item, rather than located under multiple layers. However, now that I know how to enable the charger listing, I can use it easily. I would also like to...