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  1. Mrn

    Whoa, Cybertruck trashing on Jalopnik
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    Why you shouldn't steal an EV
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    Mach-e and Ranger win South American Awards
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    New NY City 500 KW chargers
  5. Mrn

    Software Update Issue

    My 22 MME has been telling me for multiple days it will install an update for 'Streamlined charging and diagnostics' at my selected update time of 8 PM, but keeps failing because something else was 'active'. I see that message after giving it 20 to 30 or more minutes to complete before...
  6. Mrn

    From a Teslarati story about a Reuters award for reporting

    “Other stories found that Musk’s electric automaker Tesla hid dangerous defects in steering and suspension parts, rigged in-dash driving-range estimates in its cars, invaded drivers’ privacy by sharing sensitive images recorded by their vehicles and made insurance customers wait months for claim...
  7. Mrn

    Repurposed telecom cabinets as L2 street chargers
  8. Mrn

    Software update level discrepancy Car v Fordpass

    Fordpass keeps track of the HV battery charge level fine but insists the car's software is at 6.2 when it's been at 6.8 for quite a while. The Fordpass software itself is the latest on the Google Play Store. Anyone else seeing this?
  9. Mrn

    Over-the-top anti EV propaganda piece

    ...and of course there is not a comment section...
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    Android Automotive and Ford
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    NBC News balanced report on cold weather EV concerns
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    Sirius XM issues now?

    Anyone else? About an hour ago the XM function stopped working.
  13. Mrn

    Charging non-LFP batteries to 100% for calibration

    Should non-LFP batteries be charged to 100% occasionally to recalibrate the state of charge estimation by the MME?
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    Servicing faulty EV batteries
  15. Mrn

    EA update on progress in CA
  16. Mrn

    Range after 100% calibration charge

    I've overlooked doing any 100% charging for the first year of owning the MME. After that charge the available range says 302 miles on my standard range Select. Is this just a fluke of a delayed calibration or could it be a useful guess based on previous driving?
  17. Mrn

    Google Maps new colors

    Seem to be some negative comments in the automotive press about the new colors used in Google Maps. I'm very pleased by them. How do you feel?
  18. Mrn

    Mach-e above average in winter range test
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    Model x Viking funeral
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    Good and bad experiences with Ford dealerships.

    I received the message from Ford about necessary updates for the air-conditioning and charge port modules in my July 22 built Mach-e. The closest dealership's first question was if I had a customer record on file with them. I didn't. I was transfered to the service department where I left a...