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  1. DaMeatMan

    Announced: 2024 Mach-E gets more range, faster charging + GT model gets optional Performance Upgrade: 0-60 mph in 3.3s. 1/4 Mile in 11.8s @ 114 mph

    It's nice to see incremental improvements being made to the Mach-E. I don't see any info on what's changed for the Premium with Extended range battery and AWD variant, and would love to know more if that info is available?
  2. DaMeatMan

    Charge control needed

    I think what the OP is getting at is that the (DEFAULT) behavior is to always charge to 100%, (unless) you define a preferred charge time (that is location based), meaning if I plug into my friends charger at his house, it will charge to 100% (unless) I save that location, and then tell it not...
  3. DaMeatMan

    24-PU102-CHG-SUFX wont’t complete

    The most likely cause for failures to install is a low 12v battery. Since you are parked in the garage, unplug the vehicle, power the car on, go into vehicle settings and turn off the auto power down timer, and let the car sit on (fully on) not accessory mode, for about an hour. This will charge...
  4. DaMeatMan

    Why is completed recall showing not completed?

    Hey Folks, I had the HVJB recall completed on my MME Premium 4x nearly a month ago on January 12, yet for some reason this recall is still showing as "not completed" when I login to my account on Fords website. On that same day I also had both CSP's completed as well, for the parking brake...
  5. DaMeatMan

    Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    As a service yes definitely, (when) they do their jobs right, and (when) they aren't screwing around, up selling "service" that is either not actually performed, or not needed. I have a dash cam installed in my Mach-e that records outside front, inside the cabin, and outside rear, and it's got...
  6. DaMeatMan

    Ford’s New eCommerce Direct Vehicle Purchase Platform for EVs Now Live (bypasses dealer negotiating)

    It's about time!!! The dealership network literally adds next to ZERO value for the consumer, and adds a tremendous amount of friction to the entire transaction!
  7. DaMeatMan

    Ford Pass Servers down?

    Seeing the same thing...
  8. DaMeatMan

    Ford has huge inventory of Mach E

    I wouldn't get too worked up over it and here's why. For starters being an early adopter of anything, be it new technology, or a brand new product, you are just going to have to accept a couple of truths. 1) Your going to pay a premium, because production rates are low, amd demand is likely...
  9. DaMeatMan

    Slipping & Sliding in Snow

    That explains it, and makes sense. I think allot of folks are in a similar situation where the cost of new tires for a month or less of actual snow conditions doesn't justify the added cost. Just take it slow, and brake early keeping in mind the weight of the vehicle.
  10. DaMeatMan

    Turtle Mode With ~30% Left (Cold Weather Warning)

    This sort of thing makes me wonder what in the heck the engineers are testing when they do their "cold weather testing" on a frozen arctic track? I am pretty well versed in QA scenarios, and this seems like an immediately obvious test case. Or did the folks at Ford only "cold weather test"...
  11. DaMeatMan

    Slipping & Sliding in Snow

    Do you have dedicated winter tires on your vehicle? Allot of folks place allot of emphasis on 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive, thinking it's a replacement for dedicated winter tires, but unfortunately that's not the case, particularly when coming to a stop. Don't forget the MME is a heavy girl...
  12. DaMeatMan

    Will You Buy The Next Gen Mach-E When It Comes Out?

    The sort of features or enhancements I would want to see in a next Gen Mach-E are as follows: - A completely redesigned cooling and heating solution. I want to see sufficient cooling that you could actually drive it like you stole it.. you know.. like a Mustang without a silly power limit due...
  13. DaMeatMan

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    From what I've read on the matter the only real way forward would be for manufacturers to do one of the following to side step the dealers and existing franchise agreements and law. 1) Buy out the dealers, and acquire the employees, the locations and convert them to a purely service based...
  14. DaMeatMan

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    It's an absolute sh!t show of a situation, and the dealer network will be the death of Ford and many other legacy auto makers. Not only is legacy auto trying to catch up to Tesla, but they are trying to do so with the dealership network dragging the down. Not to mention soon they will also have...
  15. DaMeatMan

    Recall 23S56 - HVBJB Replacement / Powertrain Software Update

    Every single time I have ever had to schedule a service appointment with the dealer, I am reminded why literally everyone absolutely hates dealing with the dealership network! About 2 weeks ago I scheduled a service appointment specifically to deal with this Recall notice, and nothing else...
  16. DaMeatMan

    12V electric blanket will not hurt my 12V battery if I only use it while driving, right?

    You will be just fine with an electric blanket designed for the 12v socket. The vehicle keeps the 12v powered up via its high voltage to low voktage DC to DC converter when the vehicle is running. If you forget it plugged in when you turn off the vehicle, the 12v socket turns off after a few min...
  17. DaMeatMan

    Any good aftermarket (REAR) heated seat solutions?

    Hey Folks, As winter rolls around I would love to cut down on wasted energy and minimize the use of heated cabin air this winter. This is easy enough to do for myself and my wife with heated seats and steering wheel up front, but not so much when I've got the kids in the car who are freezing in...
  18. DaMeatMan

    Real world range

    I believe the PTC heater is 7Kw, so unless you have the heat completely off, your going to be dumping a tremendous amount of energy into the cabin to keep you comfortable, that would otherwise have gone into moving you forward. Even with heat completely off, you still cannot escape the reality...
  19. DaMeatMan

    1% battery use per mile

    It sounds to me like an EV (any EV), might not be a good fit for you personally, particularly with your desired winter usage, and you may want to look into a more traditional vehicle. This has nothing to do with the Mach-E itself, and everything to do with the reality of current battery...
  20. DaMeatMan

    1% battery use per mile

    What temperature do you have the cabin heating set to? The Mach-E will pull 5k - 7kw for heating, so if your driving around in freezing temps with your jacket off, and your cabin is cooking with summer temps of 73f - 77f on the inside, I hate to tell you your doing the whole EV driving in the...