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  1. EVCheese

    I drove a Tesla Model S Plaid around the block

    And by "block" it was a big block in an industrial area, so it took like 10 minutes. On that break from my booth shift at the Earth Day event, I got a test drive of a Model S Plaid. Style-wise it has the S styling, which I think is just fine. Interiors felt a bit "dense" instead of "soft", for...
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    Cybertruck up close

    I took a break from our booth at a San Francisco Earth Day event and walked over to the Tesla booth. They had test drives for their cars including the Model S Plaid which I drove around for 10 minutes---that's another thread. And they had a Cybertruck that people could play with. (No test drives...
  3. EVCheese

    Happy Pi(e) Day

    Ford's designers were very forward thinking with their "Pie for Two" caddy in the center console. Thank you for the tasty engineering!
  4. EVCheese

    2 long distance trips: 1,586 miles later

    TL;DR the Mach-E is comfortable and efficient, charging network on the highways was fine. If you get to 80% SOC you can go about 120 miles and have a 30 mile buffer (Standard Range battery pack). After my last trip I wanted to get some more real-world data. I've now covered about 1,586 miles of...
  5. EVCheese

    NorCal to SoCal: there and back again in about 900 miles (Jan 2024)

    Finally. A proper road trip with an April 2023 Mach-E Premium RWD standard range (71 kWh battery). Let me say that the Mach-E was a delight to drive and was easily the best part of the traveling experience. This trip was from home in the Bay Area down to far inland Southern California. The...
  6. EVCheese

    What's your checklist after an Power-Up update?

    It's great that the Mach-E continually gets better after each Power-Up update. But, of course, not all the settings seem to stick around. :P After every OTA I run a checklist. What's your post-install checklist? Here's mine: Profile: make sure I'm still logged in as me Drive mode: make sure...
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  8. EVCheese

    Tiny mods: red Pony caps

    A small thing: red aluminum valve stem caps with a tiny Mustang.
  9. EVCheese

    The cheese machine gets its stripes

    The process of getting stripes was interesting. Instead of using separate pieces of vinyl, the shop I used just prints out the colors. So why not add a custom pattern? From a distance it looks like a black stripe with red borders. But I wanted to add a texture that you can only see close up.
  10. EVCheese

    Advice needed: November Pacific coast trip

    There is a good chance I might need to do a long drive from California all the way up to Canada in late November--so maybe 2500mi there and back. I'm expecting to hit cold, rainy, and possibly snowy conditions. So I'm looking for advice! The car has a standard range 70kW battery, rear wheel...
  11. EVCheese

    What is your favorite Mach-E feature?

    For me the indispensable feature is the 360 degree camera. I never thought I would use it this much when parking or navigating in tight spaces.
  12. EVCheese

    Successful update symbol is FordPass is alarming ⚠️

    Does anyone else find the "warning sign" vehicle alert symbol concerning when receiving a successful software update? I always have this moment of "oh what's broken now" when I see it. Which is funny because on the Home app tab it does have a better icon:
  13. EVCheese

    4,000 miles in, awesome so far

    And just like that, after 11 weeks the odometer hit 4,000 I still really like it and find new things often. Like today I didn't realize that Blue Cruise will follow traffic down to a full stop and then start rolling again automatically. I was in bumper to bumper traffic and the car handled...
  14. EVCheese

    First public DCFC experience

    The day has finally come where I needed a midday charge up. So I tried pulling up to a Whole Foods. Of 4 stations, 2 cars were just parked not charging, no cable connected. But someone finally moved and I got to plug in. Apparently I still don't have plug and charge set up right and just ended...
  15. EVCheese

    "1-pedal patina"? Should we call it that?

    I think after driving with 1PD, I have the "rusty brake rotors" issue. It was more obvious this morning, so I turned off 1PD and drove around a bit. It looks better now. It isn't affecting braking at all. Do we have a name for this yet? The "dirty" or "rust" look you get from just not using the...
  16. EVCheese

    FasTrak toll tag transponder: put in dotted windshield area

    Just surfacing this up for forum searches. From the manual: "Install any devices that use radio frequency identification, for example, toll readers or vehicle identification cards, to the specified area on the windshield." There are similar threads for E-Z Pass and garage door openers.
  17. EVCheese

    First impressions: some rough bits

    I'm using a brand new Premium trim and now about a week in and almost 450 miles later, I'm loving so many aspects. The other day I experienced the auto high beams and that was a feature I didn't know I needed. All the surfaces feel awesome and high quality. Except ... Can we talk about the...