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  1. Maquis

    Best home chargers of 2024 - review by State Of Charge

    You should have received a confirmation email with the estimated month of shipment right after you placed the order. The email also has a link to your order status.
  2. Maquis

    Interior trunk cover

    O-ring fix is OK, but if you open the hatch when it’s really windy, they’ll pop off.
  3. Maquis

    Does one-pedal drive strain electric motors/gear train?

    The battery/motor/transmission is designed to transfer energy. The energy transfer during braking is less than max acceleration. Only the direction is different.
  4. Maquis

    Mounting home charger overhead?

    Check the installation instructions for any allowances or limitations.
  5. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    A.I. fails yet again.
  6. Maquis

    Geographic location of most of the Mach-E's

    If you see a red one on 70, it’s probably me heading to/from the airport. 😀
  7. Maquis

    Blue cruise speed oscillation

    I’d say you were following my daughter, except she doesn’t have an F150. 😀
  8. Maquis

    Guess it's my turn with Stop Safely Now and Service Vehicle Soon

    You might get better feedback here.
  9. Maquis

    Best Charging station to use at home

    I would check out the “State of charge” YouTube channel to see if Tom has reviewed it. If he didn’t give it a good review, I spend another $150 on the Emporia.
  10. Maquis

    How many times do you think you can run over your ESVE cord?

    While I would always try to avoid running over the cable, I think that running straight over it with a rubber tire is unlikely to cause any damage.
  11. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    It’s the temperature rating of the cable assemblies. NM is limited to 60C while MC is rated 75C.
  12. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    A 60A breaker can protect #6 NM on a 55A circuit. But a continuous load requires that the branch circuit conductor size have a rating of 125% of the load. This means that for a continuous 48A load, the conductors that make up the branch circuit must have a rating of at least 60A. Ref NEC...
  13. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    Only if you use MC or SER. It’s not compliant if you use NM.
  14. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    They cannot detect the breaker size. Some have a physical switch that must be set, some ask you the breaker size during setup in the app. The second case is as close to automatic as it gets.
  15. Maquis

    Breaker for new Garage charger.

    6/3 MC or SER is good for 60+. Just not NM (no, you can’t use it and meet code). The branch circuit for an EVSE must be sized at a minimum of 125% rated current. That’s why you need a 60A circuit for a 48A EVSE. Another option is to use a 50A breaker and commission the ChargePoint for 40A.
  16. Maquis

    What does this mean???

    First Edition
  17. Maquis

    Chargepoint Home Flex install (wired) - stripped wire prep?

    I second what Mach-Lee said. If you needed to prep the wires in any special way for terminating, it would be spelled out in the installation instructions.
  18. Maquis

    What is the magic voodoo to use my charging credit?

    Are you getting billed by EA or by Ford?
  19. Maquis

    2022 MME ER AWD won't charge past 47% after battery replacement

    It sounds like they didn’t properly balance the cells after replacement.