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  1. OON7

    Traveling to Canada from US, any tips/advice?

    Hi Friends! My wife and I are heading to Buffalo from Ohio in November for the Vikings vs Bills. (Go Bills!) We've never been out of the country but decided to apply for our passports and add some time to our trip to go to Niagara Falls and view it from the Canadian side. We're going to spend...
  2. OON7

    Custom Mach-E PC AIO Cover

    Any PC folks out there may appreciate this. Got a custom AIO cover for my CPU water cooler:
  3. OON7 // Sync *does not* allow you to connect to vehicle hotspot for YouTube etc.

    In case any of the other handful of people out there like me who pay $20/month for the connected vehicle hotspot were curious... you cannot connect the Sync unit to your vehicle's hotspot. It does not list it as an available network. I tried adding it as if it was a hidden network and no dice as...
  4. OON7

    Getting a Master Reset email every hour today since 3pm?!

    This is weird. Every hour on the hour I'm getting this email. I check FordPass and my account and literally no issues, everything still connected and working.
  5. OON7

    Upgrade Time: Select AWD to GTPE!

    Hey Everyone, Wanted to share a couple of quick pics I got when trading in my Select for a GTPE! 6/22 build and full $7,500 tax credit. I was motivated to secure the full credit and I am fearing serious MSRP markups for the 23 model year so jumped on this one. Yes, I did end up paying 5k ADM...
  6. OON7

    19,691 miles/one year later and the GOM is telling me...

    ...that I am still getting the advertised range exactly like I would expect! 🤣🤣🤣 Had to charge to 100% for the first time in a long while to make an extended drive and was pleasantly greeted with 211 miles on my '21 SR AWD Select. I often get asked about how much range I've already lost and...
  7. OON7

    Backup Camera Failure

    Has anyone else experienced issues with their backup camera flickering or having distorted video? This just started for me in the last week and seems to be getting progressively worse.
  8. OON7

    Found another in the wild :)

    Hi NRGY! Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OH.
  9. OON7

    AOSK vs OEM Mud Flaps Comparison (not installed)

    Here's the comparison no one asked for, but since I have both the AOSK and OEM mud flaps on hand I figured I'd take some photos. The OEM mud flaps require drilling, and I don't currently have the desire to do this in the cold or the hardware to lift the car up to drill the holes. When it gets...
  10. OON7

    Replacing the liftgate left side tail light - Photos and a little commentary

    This was actually not too bad. I took some photos if anyone is interested in seeing behind the liftgate trim. You do have to remove all of the interior liftgate trim (four main pieces) to get to the tail light. It is secured with two bolts. I know there is a TSB out for cars built before June...
  11. OON7

    Removal of door mouldings, anyone have experience?

    Hi All, I was hoping to pop off the door moulding to see how well I could wrap with vinyl. Since I have the Select it is just dull plastic down there and hoping to get a nice gloss black or gloss black carbon fiber look. If I had success here I was going to work my way around the car to wrap...