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  1. RKinWA

    Phantom Braking

    So this has never happened before. Driving on a side street today, cruise control set to 32, no people or vehicles around, then suddenly it just brakes and comes to a crawl as though there was a stopped vehicle in front of me, then gets back up to speed and goes merrily on the way as though...
  2. RKinWA

    Seattle to Ocean Shores, great range on my GTPE

    Decided to take advantage of the great weather and took a drive from Seattle to Ocean Shores. It was a great trip and got 3.3 mi/kWh, which is amazing, as I usually get 2.5 or maybe 2.7 on my GTPE. I did use Whisper rather than Unbridled, only because I wanted a smoother ride, not sure if it...
  3. RKinWA

    Back to back to back updates!

    So this morning I got the notification powerup 6.3.0 was installed (I think it started a couple days ago but said incomplete, it completed this morning). Then while at lunch I got a notification 24-PU0119-DC-CHG4 was ready to install, so I did it while at lunch. Then on the way home from lunch...
  4. RKinWA

    Caught it at the perfect moment

    Just happened to look down 🤣
  5. RKinWA

    Got an update while driving

    This hasn't happened to me before. Normally I will get a "ready to install" message when I turn the vehicle off after driving, or turn it on after being parked, but today I drove somewhere 15 minutes from the house and while I was driving I got an "Update Successfully Installed" message. In any...
  6. RKinWA

    Values after NACS Conversion, should we be concerned?

    This is not another "OMG my value has dropped so much!" thread. Instead, I was pondering what will happen to the value of our current vehicles once the new NACS vehicles come out next year. Will anyone want to buy a used CCS vehicle knowing they will need to use an adapter everywhere? I've heard...
  7. RKinWA

    Anyone else's windshield attract rocks?

    In October I posted about the big rock that put the large chip in my windshield. Prior to that I would get hit at least once a week and just get nicks. Two weeks ago I got the windshield replaced. Today the new windshield got it's third nick in two weeks. Is this a design thing or am I just...
  8. RKinWA

    I still love my MME so much

    Was watching a few MME videos this morning and I find every time I watch an MME video, whether good or bad, I immediately have the urge to go out and drive. I find myself having that reaction even when I talk about it 🤣 I've had a Mach-e since March (first a '21 GT now a '22 GTPE) and have put...
  9. RKinWA

    Edmunds Best AWD Electric Vehicles of 2023 and 2024

    Edmunds new list of Best AWD Electric Vehicles of 2023 and 2024 The MME made two lists: Best All-Wheel-Drive Electric SUVs, #2, just slightly below the Hyundai Ioniq 5 AWD and above the KIA EV6 GT line. Best Performance Electric SUVs, #4, just slightly below the KIA EV6 GT and above the Tesla...
  10. RKinWA

    Swapped my GTPE Summer Tires

    So after much watching reviews and going back and forth between the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus, the MICHELIN PILOT SPORT A/S 4, or the Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect, I finally decided to go with the Pirelli. I'm really not going to be driving on snow, it will mostly be wet and...
  11. RKinWA

    After almost 3 months I finally got an update!

    From 3.5.3 to, but it's exciting, as it means it's not (or no longer) stuck! Maybe I will get more of them now.
  12. RKinWA

    Had an interesting encounter with an old Mustang guy

    So last weekend while on my weekly mini-road trip, I stopped in an out of the way rest area. There was a Jeep jacked up missing a wheel and only one other person, an old man, probably in his late 80s, looked like an old prospector, with a 2005 red Mustang GT. I pulled in a couple spots away...
  13. RKinWA

    Value Went Up!

    So I just thought this was interesting and decided to post it. Back when I had my previous GT, before upgrading to my GTPE, I had checked with Carvana for a value, which was WAY low (this was in June). But I just got an email from them saying the value went up. Their original quote to me was...
  14. RKinWA

    The Battery Protection Plate is more resilient than I expected

    So over the weekend I had some friends come into town. They rented an AirBNB. There was only 1 lane on the street it was on and a dead end, which required turning around. All the driveways had "No Turning Around" signs. There was one steep driveway next to the house that wasn't used (blocked by...
  15. RKinWA

    I5 Strikes again, rock hit my windshield

    Not even three months old and already damaged. I have gotten so many rock chips on I5 north of Seattle, so irritating. Made an appointment with Safelite tomorrow for a repair. It's just left of center so not directly in line of site, should be fine.
  16. RKinWA

    Big step in getting rid of range anxiety

    So I took a drive from Lynnwood to Vancouver, WA today to visit friends and show off my MME. Both he and his wife fell in love with it and both loved the color, and by the time I left the wife said "I think we might be getting one!" to which the husband said "I want one too!" 🤣 Going down I...
  17. RKinWA

    Great Efficiency and scared a woman to death 🤣

    Took a drive up north, decided to go the back route, such a great drive. I stopped in a small town for lunch. When I came out there was an old woman standing between my vehicle and the one next to me talking to the driver of the other vehicle. I started up and started pulling out, she nearly...
  18. RKinWA

    This MME is not a chick magnet

    But if I was trying to pick up guys over 60, this is the vehicle to have! If there’s an old man within 10 feet, they’re gawking, and if I stop, they’re flocking and then talking, and asking every question imaginable (hey, it’s how I ended up with mine in the first place! 🤣) Just got back from...
  19. RKinWA

    Connecting to Home Network (not staying connected)

    So I successfully connected my MME to my home network, but after a couple minutes it disconnects. My router is about 10' from the garage, and I even tried leaving the door open in case the door was obstructing the connection. So my question is; is the MME supposed to stay connected to WiFi...
  20. RKinWA

    That's not a Mustang

    So I was at the store today and some old guy was admiring my MME. When came out he asked, "What is this, is that a palomino?" I said, "No, it's a Mustang Mach-e" he said, "That's not a Mustang, must be a palomino" I said, "I'm not getting into the Mustang debate, I didn't name it, the people...