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  1. heisnuts

    Some Dealers Dropping Out of EV Program

    It looks like the total numbers of Ford dealers who are still opted into the program is down to about 1,550. Ford To Set Up 'Retail Replenishment Centers' For Its EV Dealers (
  2. heisnuts

    A Goodbye For Now, But I Will Still Be Sticking Around Here

    Although I said goodbye to my MME yesterday, I will still be sticking around here to follow along with the MME adventures here. The MME introduced me to how much fun an EV can be on the weekends and how awesome they can be for daily driving. As a lot of you know, I kept going through HVBJBs...
  3. heisnuts

    MME Premium 4x to a Model 3 Performance - Now with Updated 5K & 10K Review

    Edit - 5K review can be found HERE and the 10K review can be found HERE As some of you know from my goodbye thread, I said goodbye to my MME yesterday and have switched over to the Model 3 Performance. After it became apparent that my back road driving caused my HVBJB to continue to fail...
  4. heisnuts

    The MME is so much fun out in the county roads or canyons

    I realize most buy the MME for their daily commutes and errands, but if you live anywhere near open country roads and/or canyons with 55 mph+ speed limits, you really owe it to yourself to get out and enjoy a few hours. I am very fortunate to live close to a lot of open back country roads and...
  5. heisnuts

    What a Difference New Tires Make -- Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires

    I switched out the OEM Michelin Primacy A/S tires on my 2021 Premium 4X yesterday at 19,000 miles and installed a new set of the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires and boy what a difference that made. The ride is a lot smoother now and less bumpy than before and the corning feels a lot...
  6. heisnuts

    Did I Just Blow My 3rd (and updated part) HVBJB???

    Well, I had hope after getting my updated HVBJB installed in September, 2022 (part number NK4Z*10C666*C), that I would be good to go, but it looks like I am not as fortunate as I thought. This is a 2021 MME Premium AWD with the extended range battery built in December, 2021. My first failure...
  7. heisnuts

    Ford Extends Deadline For Dealers to Opt in for EVs

    Looks like the two month deadline is going to three month deadline. I wonder if Ford did not get a lot of dealers opting in during these first two months?
  8. heisnuts

    Driver’s Master Window & Mirror Switch Dead

    Last night the driver‘s master window & mirror switch went dead. the back lights come on as normal on the switch, but no response from any of the window or mirror switches at all. All of the other windows work if you go to that door and use the switch on that door. I can’t recall seeing this...
  9. heisnuts

    Alexa Turns Recirc Air On/Off

    A nice surprise on my way home from work yesterday... I found out asking Alexa to "turn recirc air on" and "turn recirc air off" saves me from going into the climate control menu and pushing the button after that old F250 Diesel switches lanes in front of me and guns it... Now it has me...
  10. heisnuts

    Updated HVBJB installed

    After 31 days, I now have my updated HVBJB installed and I was able to go out to my normal back country road loops for some fun.... I mean testing... As some of you know, this is my second HVBJB replacement, as my first one failed in May at 6,000 miles and I missed the updated part being...
  11. heisnuts

    No Secureialert After Master Reset

    Has anyone run across no Securialert on the Ford Pass app after the dealer needed to do a master reset in the car and deleting and reinstalling the Ford Pass app on the phone? Everything else is working fine, just no button anymore on the app for Securialerts.
  12. heisnuts

    Funny Story

    Like most weekends, today I took the MME out in the country for some spirited back roads country driving. Usually after a couple hours it's time for lunch and there are a few mom & pop bar & grills out in the middle of nowhere where it is not uncommon to be parked next to a John Deere or an old...
  13. heisnuts

    I Just Joined The "Stop Safely Now" Club Too

    *Big update on the next page - post #19... Just like the title says, it looks like I too have joined the stop safely now club. The short version of the story is after a two hour drive at highway speeds I returned home with 37% battery charge (68 miles range showing) and plugged into the Ford...
  14. heisnuts

    MME Wave?

    I’m just so used to waving to other Corvette drivers when driving the Corvette and waving to other bikers when on the motorcycle that it was just instinctive to wave today as another MME was coming the other way out in the county. To my surprise it was responded to with a thumbs up from the...
  15. heisnuts

    Real Range: 208 Mile Trip In Winter - Over 1,500 Foot Mountain Range

    The Quick Facts: 2021 Premium AWD 88kwh battery 208 mile round trip over 1,500 foot mountain range 45F outside temps - auto climate on at 69F for most of the trip Raining the whole trip with some ponding water on the roads 20-25 mph headwinds for a lot of the trip Left fully charged at 100% -...
  16. heisnuts

    What is the best charging practice

    Like a lot of people my daily work commute is not a lot of miles (about 20 miles round trip). So if I start the week at 80 or 90%, I can easily go several days, if not the whole week, without charging. Since the car sits inside at night where temperatures are well above freezing (and we are very...
  17. heisnuts

    Accidental Unplugged Message in Ford Pass App

    The last two days now I have gotten a message on the Ford Pass App saying the MME might have been accidentally unplugged from the charger. Both times this happened the charging had completed overnight on the Ford Mobile Charger plugged into a Nema 14-50 outlet (to 80%), the car was unplugged...
  18. heisnuts

    Review after 1,300 miles

    It has now been 18 days since taking delivery of our 2021 MME AWD Premium with the 88kw battery. In that time I have managed to put over 1,300 miles on it because it really is that much fun to drive. Now, it was a 250 mile trip home from the selling dealer, but most of the other miles have...
  19. heisnuts

    Dealer Allocation Question

    When a customer goes into their local dealer to order a MME, does the size of the dealer matter when it comes to actually getting an allocation from Ford? I know in the General Motors world, when a customer walks in to order a new Corvette it will matter a lot. The biggest 3 dealers in the...
  20. heisnuts

    Current wait time for an ordered car (December, 2021)

    I wasn't able to find a thread showing what the current wait time is for a MME ordered today. What is the current time frame people are seeing right now?