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  1. mkhuffman

    White GT + White GT = Xanadu

    This is the first time I have seen another white GT, and it was parked next to me! Of course mine looks so much better.
  2. mkhuffman

    Installed 255/45 20 Hankook Ion on my GT

    Some of you may be considering putting slightly wider tires on your GT, and I thought this post might help you decide. The OEM size is 245/45 20. I installed 255/45 20 Hankook ion EVO AS SUV tires. I was hoping slightly larger tires would improve the quality of the ride, maybe even reducing...
  3. mkhuffman

    2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    There have been a lot of forum members who have experienced the Stop Safely Now (SSN) or Service Vehicle Soon (SSN) errors while driving, caused by a detected failure of the HVBJB. SSN failures require you to have the car towed, while SVS is a warning that the HVBJB is about to fail, and you...
  4. mkhuffman

    Mercedes-Benz says “ja” to Tesla’s EV charging connector

    Didn't see this posted already, so here goes: How do you spell "landslide"? "NACS."
  5. mkhuffman

    European Manufacturers Are Flocking To Adopt NACS

    I agree, totally a click-bait title. The biggest new information I learned from the article is this: " It's not just legacy automakers that are joining the NACS network, though. In fact, Finnish electric motorcycle manufacturer Verge says it is the first two-wheeled company to commit to the...
  6. mkhuffman

    Electric Car Show, Electrify Expo - MME Pictures

    I saw this article on the MotorTrend site. There wasn't much about the traveling show in the article, but there were a few good MME pictures I pulled and consolidated into this post, including one Lightning photo. "It was a modest turnout—maybe 30 cars tops on display that were not attached to...
  7. mkhuffman

    Tracking the HVB State of Health - how much decline is normal?

    When I first got my MME in November of 2021, I didn’t even consider tracking the High Voltage Battery (HVB) State of Health (SoH). But then last Fall, while tracking other data using a OBDII scanner, I noticed the SoH was much lower than the last time I noticed. I was kind of shocked with the...
  8. mkhuffman

    What generates more regen in the Mach-E -- 1 pedal or 2 pedal driving? The measured data proves it.

    I have seen so many posts in the forum debating, even arguing, that 1PD or 2PD is the most efficient way to drive. I have long taken the position that you can drive equally efficiently using either method, but I have never seen anyone prove it with real data. So that is what I set out to do...
  9. mkhuffman

    I installed a subwoofer under the driver’s seat. This is how I did it.

    As usual, @markboris leads the way. If you want to install a subwoofer in your MME, you have to read his epic thread: I have been following his thread since he created it. I really wanted to improve the...
  10. mkhuffman

    I tried to kill my HVBJB and failed. I can’t wait to try again!

    I thought if I put a heavy load on the car, accelerating hard up a mountain road, it might induce the failure. There is a mountain near my mom’s house in Roanoke that I have never driven on with my MME, but in a previous car had a blast going up. I think @tannerk89 is familiar with this road...
  11. mkhuffman

    I installed a volume control for my backup beeper! Now I can be safe when I want, and quiet when I want! - DIY instructions & photos

    It took me forever to finish this modification because of other things happening in my life, and I didn’t want to report on an incomplete project. I had a few mistakes and problems along the way, but now that it is done it is great! Using the volume control I installed, I can either turn the...
  12. mkhuffman

    Is my Mach-E locked??? My easy DIY mod that makes it obvious - yes, it is locked!!!

    I want to be able to look at my car and easily tell that it is locked. I can easily tell from the rear, or front, by looking at the mirrors. But when looking at the side of the car from a distance away, it is very difficult to tell if the mirrors are folded or not. Is my car locked? In that...
  13. mkhuffman

    Service Vehicle Soon! Is it finally my turn?

    I just got back from a weekend trip to Roanoke to see my mom, and a few hours after returning, we were going out to a local brewery to get some hummus. As I was waiting for my wife to finish waking one of our dogs, I was playing around with the drive selector, testing putting the car into...
  14. mkhuffman

    Steeda Front Sway Bar! It is awesome. Transforms the car into what it should be.

    This thread is very long, so I am pulling together all the key posts people need to reference when installing these, or even getting someone else to install them. I am also going to include information regarding installing the rear sway bar, as really you should do both front and rear to get the...
  15. mkhuffman

    Should I Install The Ford Hood Protector? Opinions Please!

    I ordered this from Ford and used temporary tape to attach it to the car. I am not sure I like how it looks. What do you think? From a part perspective, the material is thin and breaks easily. In fact, I forgot to remove it after taking these pictures and it shattered when it fell off. Of...
  16. mkhuffman

    I raced a motorcycle tonight

    I won but only because he stopped accelerating at 70 mph. I am in the Outer Banks, NC, this week. I was traveling down 158 from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head after a trip to Walmart. At a stop light, we lined up. I saw he hit it hard when the light changed and so I floored it hoping to pass him. We...
  17. mkhuffman

    Did you know Neutral (N) does this?

    I am a regular on the forum, but it is possible I missed someone else posting about this. Link to it if you must! So the other day, I was driving around town and decided to play around with the drive selector. What would happen if I spun it all the way into Reverse or Park? Actually, nothing...
  18. mkhuffman

    Analyzing a 243 Mile Winter Trip in my Base Mach-E GT

    This week I drove from my home in Williamsburg to see my parents in Roanoke. On the way there and back I captured data from the trip using Car Scanner. This is a report of what I measured coming home. On a side note, the efficiency in mi/kWh going there was similar to what I measured coming...
  19. mkhuffman

    Red and White Pin Stripes, and Spoiler Shading on my GT

    For many months I thought I would put stripes on the hood like others have done. I was really thinking of a subtle color, like a light grey on the Star White paint. But When I got the car, I just thought it looked so good without the stripes. (Also, my wife didn't like the idea.) I started...
  20. mkhuffman

    Why huge difference between car trip log and FordPass EV driving data?

    And which one is correct? I think actually the FordPass trip data is more accurate, because I calculated the amount of battery used based on the starting battery charge level and ending battery charge level, which was very close to what FordPass indicated. And way off from what the car trip...