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  1. Neopifex

    New diecast Mach-E from Welly Diecast... maybe?

    I think I found a new MME diecast car! I can't find any online stores carrying it, however, so I don't know if it's just not been released yet or what. There's zero information except what's on the manufacturer's website, which states it's in their "1:34-1:39 Scales" category...
  2. Neopifex

    DeWalt DXPAEV040 40A charger

    I just installed this today. So far it's pretty great, getting me from 35% at 9:00PM to 90% (projected) by 1:30AM. I'm sure there are better chargers out there, but I couldn't resist the (almost) matching color. :D Dewalt's product page, for the curious...
  3. Neopifex

    Air vents question. "No A/C" vent mode?

    Is there a way to prevent the A/C from turning on without pressing the A/C button, even when I set the temp very low? In older vehicles, A/C only came on when you pressed the appropriate button. Otherwise, the vents just brought outside air into the cabin, which kept interior temperature in...
  4. Neopifex

    Is there a Mach-E lapel/enamel pin out there?

    Have any of you seen official or otherwise high-quality Mach-E lapel pins anywhere? I collect enamel lapel pins and would like to add one for my MME, but all I've found are low-quality print-on-demand buttons on Redbubble and similar sites.
  5. Neopifex

    From a '68 to a '23: New Mach-E Premium Owner

    Hi! I bought a '23 MME Premium this past New Year's Eve. A fellow Mach-E owner recommended this forum, and it's already been useful to me as a lurker. My Mach-E was a special order that had been sitting on the dealer's lot since at least last summer. It's got a standard battery and RWD, but it...