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  1. su-ch+mache

    Garage door hit tailgate

    I just opened my garage door and hit the tailgate of my MME. I'm not entirely sure why it opened. The tailgate received a few scratches which I hope I can polish away. I'll have to check tomorrow when we have daylight again. Have any of you ever experienced this situation that the hatch...
  2. su-ch+mache

    onsumption display

    on my Escape I have a consumption display, how much is being drawn from the battery and how much is being regenerated. Does anyone have this on this MME? I know the GTs have this as standard but the rest? i would like it. Can this be unlocked in the IPC? does anyone know?
  3. su-ch+mache

    Anyone install Head Up Display (HUD) ?

    hi team, I am thinking about a HUD like this has anyone install one yet? found several but they they provide data for ICE rather than for EVs looking for for some help for an EV HUD version
  4. su-ch+mache

    Europe get's new EV

    Ford will launch the new Baby Explorer in Cologne
  5. su-ch+mache

    Anyone install wheel spacers?

    hi, did anyone already mount some spacers? I think about doing that and found some Eibach spacers I probably install the black 32mm per axle so there is no need for any additional tire covering by splash guards You...