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  1. EVCheese

    Tesla Firebaugh location not working with A2Z adapter

    Is there a better way to "loosen" the r adapter up? I just started using mine today and it won't latch. It is definitely a tight enough fit the bottom slider won't engage.
  2. EVCheese

    Car thinks it’s 38 when it’s 73!

    Pulling up a thread from a few years ago: The temp sensor is a tiny port above the louvers in the front to the right of the license plate. If the louvers are closed then no airflow. Also if your port is...
  3. EVCheese

    I drove a Tesla Model S Plaid around the block

    For sure. We were on city streets with potholes everywhere. I did ask the rep if I could go fast on this one small straight and after she said yes I punched the pedal. Our phones suddenly became projectiles.
  4. EVCheese


    Absolutely a great color. I get compliments all the time. In a sea of gray and desaturated blue, I can see this car anywhere.
  5. EVCheese

    I drove a Tesla Model S Plaid around the block

    And by "block" it was a big block in an industrial area, so it took like 10 minutes. On that break from my booth shift at the Earth Day event, I got a test drive of a Model S Plaid. Style-wise it has the S styling, which I think is just fine. Interiors felt a bit "dense" instead of "soft", for...
  6. EVCheese

    Cybertruck up close

    I took a break from our booth at a San Francisco Earth Day event and walked over to the Tesla booth. They had test drives for their cars including the Model S Plaid which I drove around for 10 minutes---that's another thread. And they had a Cybertruck that people could play with. (No test drives...
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    I took the Cheese Machine to an Earth Day gathering in San Francisco. I hung out with friends at the Golden Gate EVA booth, our local chapter of the Electric Vehicle Association. Quite a few people came by and we got to tell everyone about lots of EV options. Almost everyone had seen a Tesla...
  8. EVCheese

    Happy Pi(e) Day

    Ford's designers were very forward thinking with their "Pie for Two" caddy in the center console. Thank you for the tasty engineering!
  9. EVCheese

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    The car was incomplete after the 23-PU0110-RAD-PS update. However, just today 2 updates went through successfully: 23-PUO725-CLM-FX 23-PUO415-BLM-VIS
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    1 pedal drive error when BC is on

    This just happened to me---the 1-pedal drive fault, press pedal to reduce speed. (I was not using Blue Cruise.) My conditions were, I was parked on a hill facing downward, we just had a serious downpour, and my brakes probably stuck to the rotors a bit (because they made a sound when the car...
  11. EVCheese

    2 long distance trips: 1,586 miles later

    TL;DR the Mach-E is comfortable and efficient, charging network on the highways was fine. If you get to 80% SOC you can go about 120 miles and have a 30 mile buffer (Standard Range battery pack). After my last trip I wanted to get some more real-world data. I've now covered about 1,586 miles of...
  12. EVCheese

    NorCal to SoCal: there and back again in about 900 miles (Jan 2024)

    Fan was on speed 1 or 2, A/C was on, heat was on. We turned it off sometimes. We used the heated seats sometimes. On the way back fan+A/C were on maybe half the time---it was semi-warm in the cabin. I'm sure if you are in a cold climate and you have full climate controls going and it's raining...
  13. EVCheese

    NorCal to SoCal: there and back again in about 900 miles (Jan 2024)

    Part of this is quelling range anxiety. In the gas car, we have our usual stops every couple of hours. In the EV, to do the same means longer charging at every stop. It's a new world for me and I had a lot of questions. There's a lot of FUD out there. I feel like putting this data out there just...
  14. EVCheese

    NorCal to SoCal: there and back again in about 900 miles (Jan 2024)

    This. :) ^^^ Also to experience another nav system. The Ford Nav does have carpool lane assistance, which is helpful in LA because can only enter/exit every few miles. And if I for some reason didn't have my phone could I still use a nav system?
  15. EVCheese

    NorCal to SoCal: there and back again in about 900 miles (Jan 2024)

    Finally. A proper road trip with an April 2023 Mach-E Premium RWD standard range (71 kWh battery). Let me say that the Mach-E was a delight to drive and was easily the best part of the traveling experience. This trip was from home in the Bay Area down to far inland Southern California. The...
  16. EVCheese

    Ford Pass Servers down?

    Yeah, unfortunately I was on a long trip today and had about 3 hours of outage. I still got to charge, but had to use the EA app directly. And in FordPass the locations show up unknown.
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    One more for today:
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    Cyber Orange Metallic in its happy place
  19. EVCheese

    Ford maps trip planner

    I am watching this thread. I am planning a trip and have been experiencing this.
  20. EVCheese

    What's your checklist after an Power-Up update?

    It's great that the Mach-E continually gets better after each Power-Up update. But, of course, not all the settings seem to stick around. :P After every OTA I run a checklist. What's your post-install checklist? Here's mine: Profile: make sure I'm still logged in as me Drive mode: make sure...