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  1. jksu

    Cleaning, treating, protecting Vegan Interior?

    sorry if someone already mentioned, now that some folks have their mach-e, what are people using for the interior vegan leather seats? leather stuff? interior detail stuff? 303 protectant?! nothing and just wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth?
  2. jksu

    FordPass, FordPass Rewards, MyFord Mobile saga....

    So like most folks I was pleased to see, a few days after my purchase (2/2), a FordPass Reward of 22,000 points alert (2/5) show up on my FordPass App. I had downloaded and used the FordPass app as instructed since ordering and receiving emails from Ford about the Mach-E. Well, when I went to...
  3. jksu

    School Zone

    sorry, probably in the manual somewhere, but does anyone know how to turn off the beep and "school zone" warning that pops up? my commute or trips to lunch go through a number of school zones apparently. i know they're there.... i don't need to be reminded.
  4. jksu

    jksu’s Premium STD RWD Shadow Black/Black arrived! - 20” Jag rims added

    reserved 11/19/19 reservation #: 10012560 ordered 6/30/20 production date 12/5/20 delivery date original 1/27-2/2 changed to 1/11-1/18 pushed back to 1/28-2/3 delivered to dealer (star ford, glendale, ca) 2/1 picking it up tonight 2/2 (met original...