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  1. PAAK: Bad news and Good news

    Bad news: Because PAAK is unreliable, and Ford only gives one fob we cannot put the fob on our key rings since whoever needs the car takes the fob. Good news: I am happy to report that the fob can survive a trip though the washing machine.
  2. PAAK: Ford giveth and Ford taketh away

    Last week I posted how PAAK was improved by upgrading the FordPass app on my Note 20. Yesterday, I took the car to the dealer to apply the PAAK update recall. Unfortunately, this has made things worse than ever. I am constantly left standing out waiting for the car to recognize the key, and...
  3. PAAK is finally working as promised.

    I just downloaded the new version of Ford Pass for Android and I am amazed how much better PAAK is working.
  4. How obsessive do I have to be about tire pressure?

    With the heat we are having in NJ, the tire pressure has gone up from the standard 39 psi to 41-42 psi. I was wondering if I must let air out of my tires, (and then go refill them when the temperature goes back down to normal,) or if this heat related fluctuation is OK to ignore.
  5. Navigation to charging stations needs a bit of work

    Over the weekend I picked up my daughter at collage in Boston. I tried to use the Sync embedded navigation to the EV-Go station in Copley Square. The system navigated me to the underground highway beneath the charging station. Fortunately, I was able to use Google Maps to get me there. Does...
  6. What happened to the Mach-E keycard

    What happened to the keycard that they promised would come with the Mach-E? How are we supposed to use a Valet?
  7. Now that I've had my Mach-E for a couple of days, I wish it....

    I love my car, but now that I've had my Mach-E for a couple of days, I wish it.... Had an easy way to carry skis Had an easy way to carry a bike Had better seats. (The seats are not bad, but they could be better for a $57k car.) Had ventilated seats so I won't have to run the AC as often. Had...
  8. PAAK unsupported phones

    I just picked up my Mach-E on Saturday. When I attempted to setup paak on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra, the app said that my phone was not supported. This phone is less than a year old., (with Android 11). Has anybody else had a problem with newer phones not being supported.
  9. Mach-E ads I'd like to see...

    "Hi! I'm a Tesla." "And I'm a Mach-E"...
  10. Someone please start a thread with instructions on how to remove the Frunk divider.

    Would someone please start a thread with instructions on how to remove the Frunk divider. (For people like me who are mechanically hopeless.)
  11. Will Ford retrofit current Sync 4A infotainment systems when they migrate to Android.

    Has anybody heard if Ford has made any definitive statement regarding what will happen to our current Sync 4A systems when they migrate to Android? (I apologize if this was addressed in a different thread.)
  12. Does Ford offer wheel coverage?

    Hi, I am not really interested in an extended warrantee, but New Jersey, where I live, is the land of the pothole. I was wondering if Ford offers wheel and tire coverage for the Mach-E and if so, how much does it cost?
  13. Hyundai Ioniq 5 -- The next generation of EVs

    I have just read about the Hyundai Ioniq 5. It looks like they have raised the game with the 800V dc charger and 10 to 80 percent in 15 min. Ford is going to have to rise to the occasion. If the product comes close to living up to the hype it will be a whole new ball game.
  14. With Tesla lowering Prices, will Ford follow on the Mach-E?

    So, with Tesla lowering prices do you think Ford will follow with lower pricing or incentives on the Mach-E? And if they do, how loud will people complain on this forum that they overpaid for their car.
  15. Is there someone here from Ford who can help me?

    Like most of us, I ordered a Mach-E last year and am very happy to have been informed that my car has been built. I do share a problem with other NJ customers related to the expiration of the $5,000 NJ EV incentive. I am told that if we take delivery of our car before March 15, 2021, we will...
  16. Crash Test Rating When?

    Does anyone know when the Mach-E will get its crash test rating?
  17. My build date has moved up a week!

    Since people have been reporting that their build dates have slipped, I started periodically checking the status of my build date and just noticed that it has moved up a week to January 24th. I ordered a Premium 4wd, extended range on July 29th.
  18. Wish List Item

    I wish Android Auto could take real-time data regarding range and the charging network to plan routes including necessary charging stops.
  19. I have a build date, but when can I expect the car?

    I have received an email that my Mach E is scheduled to be built during the week of February 1st. Based on that does anybody know when I might be able to pick up the car from my dealer here in Northern NJ?