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  1. timunger0222

    My blue cruise turned on this weekend.

    Bluecruise turned on this weekend and I took it for a short drive on i84. It feels much like the smart cruise. When i was driving, I would position the car slightly closer to inside line, but smart cruise likes to dust the bushes on the outside line. Other than that it felt safe and...
  2. timunger0222

    Ford says over 100,000 miles of blue cruise zone

    Has anyone seen a map of the blue cruise zones? I live in the pacific northwest, but don't drive much (less than 80miles per week) so am wondering if the $600 fee will be worth the money. Sure it would be a fun toy, and it would be a god send on those occasional drives to Seattle. My lease...
  3. timunger0222

    Motion Sensor Wont stay off

    Don't get me wrong, I am throughly enjoying our Mach-e. We have had it 3 weeks, and finally sorting out the bells and whistles. Many people have posted about this problem; and I am not one to complain but this one feature is driving me nuts. My husband frequently stays in the car when I go...
  4. timunger0222

    New to Mach-e

    I brought home my shiny new red Mach-e this weekend and am still getting used to the bells and whistles. We live in a windy climate and the wind keeps setting off the alarm Im assuming via motion sensors. Any ideas how to permanently disable the alarm? We have set it to off, multiple times...