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  1. scoopman

    The cheese machine gets its stripes

    My 6 year old said this to me the other day…. I hope the orange pony found a good home up in Idaho, which is where I last saw it sitting for 6 months on a dealer lot. I’ve been checking every so often to see if there’s a new cyber orange member from Boise…
  2. scoopman

    High Voltage Battery Junction Box (HVBJB) Replacement Recall for recall HVBJB in 30,013 Mach-E

    I wonder how long it will take for my former pony to blow its latest HVBJB in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho ....
  3. scoopman

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    serious bummer but my family are real troopers at this point and we enjoyed some open air motoring down to la in the new car, and took the substantially cooler 101 route back up. Fix took 2 days at a dealer and they paid for a polestar 2 rental so turned out to be not as big a deal as I worried...
  4. scoopman

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    Just replaced the summer tires that come on the car because I didn’t like them much (Goodyear F1) with Michelin PSAS4 which is the OE tire in Europe deliveries. I might have put it in ahem drift mode to give the summer tires a proper send off 🛞💨
  5. scoopman

    Goodbye 1st Edition, Hello Mediocrity

    Glad to hear you walked away from that accident. As far as replacement options, perhaps you want a car with a bit more visible color and (in)famous presence… and within your replacement price range? Bonus, you know the service history of the car! Link That’s right! has OG Mach...
  6. scoopman

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    I’ve done three crossings of this elevation in my spicy red car without any powertrain failures. An AC failure, but that seems to be a supplier defect from the factory, and was just a little unpleasant 🥵 no other issues in 4,400mi so far…
  7. scoopman

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    Just go the northern route there and I’m sure the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Rocky Mountains will get ya first!
  8. scoopman

    Should I try to force HVBJB to fail?

    Taco stand dealer is CLOSED permanently!
  9. scoopman

    Rear Bumper Reflector Tail Lights, Plug N Play

    Still lurking 🤪
  10. scoopman

    2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    Where do I vote for having two HVBJB failures?
  11. scoopman

    NHTSA investigating 2022 Mach-E HVBJB recall (high voltage battery main contactors)

    I was contacted by NHTSA today, and I re-sent the information I sent in to their investigators documenting what occurred to my vehicle two days after the recall software was placed on my vehicle. It's a shame NHTSA was not able to understand what most of us on this forum have realized -- that...
  12. scoopman

    First public DCFC experience

    My former pony car will miss you too 🤓 but we're still going on EV adventures with a red car if you're interested.
  13. scoopman

    Bad PR article for Ford v Tesla

    The eGMP cars charge particuarly poorly with Tesla Superchargers, because of the way the Korean cars match the voltage to the pack. The v3 supercharger does not output in 800V, and the EV6 will use its motor inverter to scale up the voltage to 800V. However, due to limitations with this...
  14. scoopman

    California AOSKonology for Mustang Mach E Second Row Seats Back Cover All Weather Seat Protector Pet Mat $30 Bay Area local pickup only

    BUMP. Still available! You are not offending me by making an offer if you're local and wanta pick them up..........
  15. scoopman

    California 3D Mats KAGU ALL-WEATHER CUSTOM FIT mats – full set $150 or best offer!!! pickup only

    bumping this up! All of these awesomesauce mats are still available, and really I do mean best offer if you're local to me and wanta pick 'em up!
  16. scoopman

    [video] Saying good-bye to Mach N Cheese

    I found that EV6 had substantially more room in the rear row than the i4, cargo space with seats up was similar enough for me.
  17. scoopman

    [video] Saying good-bye to Mach N Cheese

    eGMP platform from Hyundai Motor Group has been sold in Korea since 2021, globally sold in 2022+