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  1. Orangefirefish

    CA to Dallas trip tips?

    Have done SF Bay Area to Arkansas and back once, and then back again to Arkansas when we moved with our Premium SR RWD. Stick to EA chargers. No real concerns except in Kingman, AZ where there was a perpetually problematic charger (it was fixed last time I went through) One thing is in Oklahoma...
  2. Orangefirefish

    My Mach E smells like sh*t 🤢

    If it’s like manure…. Is that proof it IS a mustang?!?
  3. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    That’s funny… keeping us honest. Probably a good thing anyway, a couple years ago the IRS discovered a bunch of fraudulent tax credit claims.
  4. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Yeah that would suck. I hope it’s those unscrupulous dealers that really feel the bite here. Was curious about an Ioniq 5 here and asked around, just about the worst dealer attitudes possible. Was laughed at when I asked if they were selling at MSRP.
  5. Orangefirefish

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    When my son graduated from Duplo to Lego… that was a rude awakening for me. The 1Xs… not the 1Xs!!!!
  6. Orangefirefish

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    Ok fine Ok, fine it can run minesweeper 😛 Seriously though, I have had a some of them freeze up while charging and the response borders on snail-like… I suspect there are big differences between the station models though since the newer ones felt quite snappy.
  7. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Sorry if this has been asked before- but does anyone know whether the battery packs in the MME or the F150L actually has enough North American content to qualify for the new credit? I thought I read somewhere that Ford was lobbying against that requirement because it was unclear if their cars...
  8. Orangefirefish

    Not all charging station assholes drive ICE

    My thought is… there are definitely some that are jerks regardless of what they drive, but where should new EV owners get a tutorial on charging etiquette? The more new EV owners there are the more ignorance there will be. Not trying to be an arrogant EV owner or anything, but I don’t think...
  9. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Well, save or spend, money supply increased so that’s where we are now.
  10. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Of course. I think there has to be a balance though, and my point is that if the taxpayers are going to foot the bill then it should go to where it’s going to make a lot of impact. In general though I still think these are all band-aid solutions until renewables are the norm. Right now if we...
  11. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Exactly. This is just a wealth transfer from the taxpayers to auto manufacturers who have already benefited from the 200K cap. It spurred them on at the beginning, which was the intention, and they’ve gained a foothold in the market which is a large advantage for the future. Job done. Leave the...
  12. Orangefirefish

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    But here’s the thing, if you didn’t buy yours, someone else would have snapped it up. The tax credit is baloney when it comes to consumers. It will benefit the manufacturers and in turn the shareholders.
  13. Orangefirefish

    Friends we need some MachE Hotel Charging Etiquette

    I agree we all need to be more considerate. One observation is this sort of thing underscores the oft overlooked problems of rapid EV adoption. Long lines at superchargers, hotels only having one charging station, poor etiquette… this is just the beginning. A hotel doesn’t need to provide a...
  14. Orangefirefish

    $15000 mark!!!

    One could easily argue that a salesperson has apparent authority to a customer, especially given that the customer is otherwise not privy to the organizational structure of the dealership. It would be a particularly senseless move from a reputation and legal perspective for a dealership not to...
  15. Orangefirefish

    Dealers tagging on 5-10K???

    Oh wow, didn’t realize this was with the bigger battery. Yeah for summer driving that does seem like pretty low efficiency… kind of curious what’s happening there. I’ve gone through Amarillo three times now going to and from California to Arkansas but all along I-40 so haven’t had any issues...
  16. Orangefirefish

    Dealers tagging on 5-10K???

    There’s a EA stop right in Amarillo, isn’t there? 150 is oddly low if not winter driving. Was it windy? If you’re going the wrong way when all you see are wind turbines around you… yeah I can see that kind of range reduction happening.
  17. Orangefirefish

    mach-e, tax credit eligibility

    “Hey boss, so I’m going to need you to adjust my W-2 so I can pay more taxes to qualify for the full EV credit. I’m thinking, maybe a 20K raise will do it?”
  18. Orangefirefish


    Love it. Fooled me- Made me check my calendar because my first thought was, wait, it’s April already?
  19. Orangefirefish

    Filling a gas-powered vehicle can still be cheaper than charging an electric one

    Just left CA and yeah the rates sucked. The EV rate meant cooking at regular dinner hours with electricity was a huge burden. And I agree, it doesn’t make much financial sense if people can’t charge at home but if we are talking about widespread adoption that is something we will have to...