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  1. HGxxx

    FordPass 5.0: So many dead buttons

    I had the same issue when I opened the app and had the new version, but then I updated fordpass through the app store and then everything is fine.
  2. HGxxx

    Did Something Kinda Stupid Today…

    Had that happen already , used backup passcode and all good
  3. HGxxx

    Battery Losing Percentage while plugged in to Level 1 charger

    Was just about to share the link 😁
  4. HGxxx

    Battery Losing Percentage while plugged in to Level 1 charger

    This is a known problem, I think after OTA 6.6.0. you need to talk with BEV team and take it in. Essentially the car is heating up the battery unnecessarily and your level 1 charger is not able to provide that so it's eating into battery.
  5. HGxxx

    Manual Pre Conditioning of the Battery

    Your best option is through ford pass set a departure time 30 min prior to leaving and set the cabin temp to off. Mach-lee tested this last year and found it does heat the battery. But remember depending on temperature your battery may need more than 30 min
  6. HGxxx

    Mach E premium AWD range issue

    I short no and no. Mache has it's quirks but I have been using paak for a year now and it's been fine.
  7. HGxxx

    Did this go through?

    Why don't you leave the car on and parked for a few hours, disable the car turning off after 30 min in settings.
  8. HGxxx

    Black Beauty has s**t the bed

    My dashboard as per ford says oil life is 100%and fuel level of -- .🤣
  9. HGxxx

    Pre-condition cabin while unplugged

    I think this option just takes care of the cabin, does not warm up battery
  10. HGxxx

    LFP battery vs. NCM

    That's been the case with the NMC chemistry that Sr pack is less affected, but I don't think anyone knows about the HVBJB with the LFP pack. I mean all 23s should have the new less failure prone part anyway.
  11. HGxxx

    Power Up 6.x Poll

    I got 6.4 a few days ago. Non EA late 22 build.
  12. HGxxx

    Team Dark Mode

    Dark mode in both screens since day 1 and also the brightness to lowest setting esp at night, as even dark mode is too bright with mid level brightness
  13. HGxxx

    How long do you plan to keep your Mach-E?

    Plan to keep it for 6-8 years
  14. HGxxx

    High Voltage Battery Junction Box (HVBJB) Replacement Recall for recall HVBJB in 30,013 Mach-E

    I think ford designed the insides of this car for the small battery pack and RWD and then decided to go mustang route and then added the big pack and gt motors.
  15. HGxxx

    A Thread for Aussies waiting for delivery

    Hmmm that's super weird never happened to me when I was tracking
  16. HGxxx

    A Thread for Aussies waiting for delivery

    Ford tracker is nearly useless, try ford chat give them vin and say you are looking for status of the car
  17. HGxxx

    Help- car not starting

    Just meant you were able to get the physical fob and not be stuck that's all. I understand the problem is the same
  18. HGxxx

    Range question for Extended Range

    I have a standard range mach e, usual drive in city , my avg is 3.7 m/kw as per the car. So with 80 % it's about 205 miles.