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  1. cmsva1

    Just received OTA Power-Up 6.7.0 Update

    I got this rather exciting update this evening. I’ve been stuck for a while. 21 Select (with tech package).
  2. cmsva1

    Rear window washer fluid leaking into cabin floor, driver side

    Thanks! I sent you a message with the requested info.
  3. cmsva1

    Rear window washer fluid leaking into cabin floor, driver side

    Today I tried using the rear window washer. I heard a lot of fluid movement but it didn’t work. Then I got a low fluid message. Later I got back in the car, and there was a large puddle on my driver side mat. When I sopped it up with paper towels, I noticed the liquid was blue. Definitely...
  4. cmsva1

    Blue Cruise offer

    2021 Mach-e Select. I just got this too. I will be taking them up on this offer.
  5. cmsva1

    Do you have a Personal Profiles button?

    Did you figure this out? I also no longer can find where to change which memory seat goes with which profile.
  6. cmsva1

    PowerUp 5.1.1???

    Frunk! But also wiped out my Sirius XM presets. Winning! And Losing!
  7. cmsva1

    New OTA 21B36

    ‘21 job 1. Just got this OTA this evening.
  8. cmsva1

    Outlet in my garage + (linked) adapter + Ford Mobile Charger = Mach e charging?

    Ha, thanks for checking in. All is well. 😂 I hired an electrician to put in the 50Amp circuit. I’ve been using the Ford Mobile Charger (as my home charger) for almost two years now.
  9. cmsva1

    SSM 51571 - Phone As A Key Inoperative After An OTA Update

    I got the 4.2.5 power up OTA yesterday. Paak was broken shortly after. The FIX. I deleted the paak in the ford pass app. I went into my iPhone Bluetooth settings clicked forget device (Mach e etc). I deleted the phone from my mach e profile and the Mach e phones menu. I then set up paak...
  10. cmsva1

    Rivian Rolls Out Pet Comfort; Ford? Nothing.

    Ford avoiding lawsuits. The first pet that was hurt/dies with a “pet mode” set would inevitably lead to lawsuits. Wouldn’t matter if it was Ford’s fault or not.
  11. cmsva1

    2021 Job 1 Select: Electronic-open-frunk now works with (Power-Up 4.1.3)

    Possible. Previously I did have the dealer check the camera fault issue. Though they never mentioned they did an update. So you are right that could be a coincidence that I checked after 4.1.3 and it worked.
  12. cmsva1

    2021 Job 1 Select: Electronic-open-frunk now works with (Power-Up 4.1.3)

    Though Sync and Ford Pass don't have a button, I can walk up to my car and open frunk from the key pad. I enter my passcode on the door keypad, then I hold down the "7/8" button. Bam!! The Frunk Opens!! So, the frunk-open for Job 1 looks like it's really going to happen. :)
  13. cmsva1

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    This happens to me as well. I reboot sync (scroll right/volume down) when this happens. It has always solved (at least temporarily) for me.
  14. cmsva1

    Trigger observed - Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available

    I’ve been getting the front camera fault message the past couple months. It will pop up, then clear itself in a few minutes. With that, I started paying close attention to the environment when it happens. There were certain places on the roads that I travel often that were triggering it...
  15. cmsva1

    Do I have BLUECRUISE?? Can someone help?

    I had a similar issue with my ‘21 SELECT. Blue Cruise was supposedly installed properly. Blue Cruise was active on my account. I tried for 6 weeks and it never went to hands free Blue Cruise. Brought it to the dealer. They worked with Ford directly to learn how to properly install it. After...