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  1. Insurance Costs

    I have insurance through Costco. My 21 MachE Select is $1,000/yr, so is my wife's 21 Ford Edge. $1,000 deductibles, full coverage. No tickets or accidents. Bundled with home and umbrella policies. We're both seniors, me a little more senior than her.
  2. So little faith in the dealership service....

    I think the misconception you have is that the appointment is for them to work on your car. It is NOT. It's only a time for you to drop off your car. Anyone remember the days when you had to get in line at the service entrance prior to opening to get your car in for service?
  3. what would it take for you to buy a gasoline car next?

    My first priority has become a dealership/company that has better customer service. One that gives me a loaner when they need to keep my car for several days/weeks. I think I deserve that when spending 50-60,000 for a product. If that means driving an ICE vehicle then that's what it will be...
  4. Mach e RWD extended range performance in Snow

    IMO I would not own anything but a front drive car in a snowy environment. In this case my advice is go with the AWD version of the model you choose. Here's another piece of unsolicited advice. Unless you can live with losing 50-55% of range during cold weather, don't get an EV.
  5. Re: Mach E raining power updates.

    I hadn't had an update since Oct. 22 until this week. I got 3 updates in 3 days. The latest is 3.5. something.
  6. $7,500 Instant Rebate on EV Leases - Volkswagen

    I believe what you'll see from Ford to keep their pricing competitive are incentives. This is how they've been doing things for many years. IMO Tesla should have offered incentives instead of price reductions. The price reductions tend to alienate recent purchasers because they feel cheated.
  7. Update dang those dealerships GET YOUR GAME FACE READY !!!

    Having moved to AZ from the Detroit area I can testify that the dealerships here are TERRIBLE. In the Detroit area most dealers don't try to pull this crap because most people have some tie a manufacturer and purchasing on a manufacturer's plan the prices are set. Also, there are more...
  8. Anyone else having problems getting into their service department?

    I had the same issues. I tried to call Jones Ford and no one answers the phone for the service department. I called Surprise Ford and they said they didn't have a body shop and I should take it to Peoria Ford. I made and appointment with Peoria Ford but they would not commit to supplying a...
  9. Is it just me…

    I'm seeing a lot more of them here in the Phoenix west valley area.
  10. Honest opinions of performance from Select RWD owners

    I have a select RWD standard range MachE. I've had it for over a year. You won't be disappointed in the performance. One bit of advice from a former Michiganian; get the AWD. You'll need it for winter driving.
  11. Delete me

    I did my research on solar at the end of last year and decided to go with Tesla for solar + battery. I'm currently waiting for them to "resolve supply chain issues". I used a web site called Energy Sage( to educate myself and get quotes for solar installations. One thing I learned...
  12. SOLVED (not really): Alarm Motion Sensors Won’t Stay Off

    Why are there motion sensors inside the car? If the car is locked and someone breaks in the alarm should sound. Are they concerned someone can break in/out from the inside?
  13. Bumper panel cover popped out

    Mine pops off when I go through the car wash. I'm thinking I'll put some silicone caulk around the edges and glue it in place. I'll let the dealership deal with it if it ever needs to be used. IMO it's a pretty dumb way to solve the frunk problem. Can you say HACK!
  14. Love your Mustang Mach-E? Would you buy it again? POLL

    9 because why would I want 2 at the same time. I would have to make another decision on which one to drive every time I leave the house.
  15. Important Info from ADOT

    I guess the good news is they are not talking about an additional tax to get us to pay our "fair share" of road taxes to make up for what we don't pay at the pump.
  16. To Drill or Not to Drill to fix dent (PDR), that is the question.

    PDR is definitely the way to go. Don't worry about the drill hole you won't even see it when it's done. Unlike the dent in the door.
  17. Rear license plates... a blunder?

    I think you somehow got an EU car. That's not what my keypad card looks like. Mine says North America, non European Union, non China. No flags on the card.
  18. New Charging issues-only charges to 50-55% at home now?

    The scenario you described just happened to me last night. The car couldn't charge to 100% within the time I set, 10P-5A, so it started charging when I plugged it in at 7:30P. The FordPass app reported that it was charging. It then stopped charging when it got to about 50% at around 9P. The...
  19. Adding a real subwoofer w/amp to your Mach-E

    With the B&O amp right above the OEM sub woofer could you have tapped it's power source to supply power for the new sub woofer?