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  1. MailGuy

    Thoughts on Connected Navigation Pricing

    Now that we have passed the BC trial expiration, it will be interesting to see what happens with “Connected Navigation”. That starts expiring for many of us “soon”. With so many other options, it will be curious to see Ford’s pricing structure for this.
  2. MailGuy

    No On-Screen Keyboard

    Curious if anyone has seen this one. My car last updated to 6.6 last week. Things have been pretty smooth until today when the car refused to connect to my WiFi which it has been doing reliably for weeks. Tried to reconnect - no dice. Tried a reboot of Sync - no dice. Decided to forget and...
  3. MailGuy

    Boycotting 6.8

    What a week it has been. It started out with the excitement of my car's OTA train starting up leading to BC 1.3. But ended with me lamenting the future loss of the driver experience that has defined my interaction with my car for nearly three years. Yes, I am talking about losing the center...
  4. MailGuy

    Foul smell from A/C on Startup

    I am curious if anyone else is noticing a foul smell from A/C on startup. After 27 months of no problems, in the past couple weeks I have noticed a vinegar smell that changes to a gym sock smell after a few minutes of driving then fades but never completely goes away. Loose correlation to...
  5. MailGuy

    WiFi connection lost

    I am curious if anyone else lost WiFi connectivity in their car. My car has connected to the same WiFi for months. Yesterday I noticed it did not connect when I pulled into the garage. Sure enough the AP log says the last connection was at noon yesterday. I have tried re-adding it (both 2.4G...
  6. MailGuy

    Dislike new brake profile

    To any Ford engineers listening, I greatly dislike the new brake profile after updating my car all the way to BC. I use 1PD exclusively and in the 17 months I have owned this car, I have not had to use the brake pedal as much as I have had to in the recent weeks since my car went to 21P22 and...
  7. MailGuy

    What Happened to Voice Recognition

    Anyone else seeing that voice recognition has become almost useless? I have to say that for the near year now that I've been driving my car, I've been very impressed with the accuracy of voice recognition, until recently. I noticed some minor misfires after OTA 2.1, but after OTA 2.3 it's now...
  8. MailGuy

    Pony Envy

    I just saw my first GT at night coming home from dinner. That front grill lighted pony logo looks so much more awesome in person than I could have hoped for. Thankfully the car was stopped at a light and the driver and I got to share some quick stories. The lighted logo and Cyber Orange are...
  9. MailGuy

    FordPass Request: On-Demand departure times

    @Ford Motor Company A request, well actually I guess two requests. With the pandemic still leaving many of us homebound, the current departure schedules just don't work for some. It would be a great option to be able to set a one-time, ad-hoc departure schedule in the app to condition the...
  10. MailGuy

    Day 4: Owning a Mach E

    Wow!! This car is smart. Darren Palmer wasn't kidding when he said the car learns about you. This is so much more than remembering and ordering MRU slabs on the main screen. In the morning the profile page quick action list has as the first action "Text <insert son's name>". It has already...
  11. MailGuy

    The MachE has been accepted in the PNW by the Mustang crowd

    After three days with the MachE, I can say that I'm really pleased with this car. No issues, I've just been having fun with it. It definitely turns heads and invites conversation, even from total strangers in parking lots. I've heard, "What's that!" and "Sweet Ride" many times. Some of the...
  12. MailGuy

    Ordering vs. Purchasing From Dealer Stock

    Since receiving the eMail last night telling me my finished Mach E would be sitting somewhere between Kansas City and my dealer for an additional two months, I've spent much of the day stewing and regretting my purchase. I've also vowed not to even bother reading the forum to avoid speculation...
  13. MailGuy

    Cruel irony

    Massive power outage (as we know). Had to drive my EV to get gas for the house (generator).
  14. MailGuy

    Mid-February for FE?

    First of all, thanks to this community. I've been enjoying reading the posts while I patiently await the arrival of my MME FE. Last week I did the unthinkable. I was near the dealer selected to deliver my MME so I dropped in just to see what they knew. Up until then, all of my interaction...