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  1. JoseLuisDeLaCruz

    Test Drive of Mustang Mach-E Premium Ext AWD

    Just finished test driving the Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium Ext AWD at Mahwah Ford in NJ. Here are my impressions: The Good Premium feeling interior Wireless apple carplay Handles very well, handles corners amazingly. Very quiet interior Plenty fast Looks gorgeous The Bad Lower than I...
  2. JoseLuisDeLaCruz

    Cold Weather Range Numbers

    Anybody notice the range numbers on this cold weather trip Electrek did with a First Edition Mach-E? From the looks of it the guesstimated range would be around 153 miles if the guesstimate is at 121 miles at 79%. Do you guys really think you would actually be able to travel more than the...