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  1. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    This guy gets it; I'm not here to yuck any buddy's yum. Just giving my honest opinion, and making jokes because they tickle my tummy. I really hope and wish everyone loved their car, and for those that don't, I hope Ford finds a way to fix the hunk of junk they sold us. As for why i'm still in...
  2. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    The two door Bronco looks amazing. I want my fiancé to get it, and she loves it too. But we just can't trust ford anymore after all of this. The dealership experience was the worst.
  3. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    I'm here to keep things even and honest. I'm the ying to the yang. You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fingers and say, "That's the bad guy." Jokes aside, I'm here in hopes that people love the car. In other posts I say i'm happy when things are going good...
  4. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    My heart goes out to you, brother. The last straw for me was when the car got me stranded on the side of the road in a sketchy part of the mountains while I was driving back home from my cabin. I finally made it home at 2 a.m. and woke my fiance up who was scared as hell for me. Told her I want...
  5. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but "bootlickers" is a term for people who try to sympathize with or defend their own oppressors.Especially when it comes to labor, or the common folk versus corporations. As in, the big bad guy has their boots on someone's head, and instead of calling...
  6. The Black Horse

    Who is repenting the decision of purchasing a Mach e? I am for sure

    A lot of people here are Ford bootlickers, and I'm sure my comments will receive a lot of hate, but I instantly regretted buying the car. Your views on the car are valid, as is what I went through. The"tech" was nonexistent. The screen was buggy, slow, and needed to be reset often. It would...
  7. The Black Horse

    Jim Farley's Note to owners as they open the NACS Adapter box 📝

    I hate ford, I think farley is a chronic liar (which ceo millionaire isn't?), and I had such a terrible experience with my Mach-e i sold it within the first year of purchase. ... But i gotta admit that letter, gifting the adapters, all of this is just awesome. Classy move, Ford. I'm happy you...
  8. The Black Horse


    I sold my Mach-E for the same reason. Prior to the Mach-E I had a mini cooper that was a ton of fun to drive, but was aging and i needed something reliable as I now take long trips (3hr+) up to my cabin in the mountains and didn't want to break down. The Mach-E was unreliable, and just...
  9. The Black Horse

    $8,000 damage deer strike pics. It’ll blow your mind. That’s it?

    Not sure if you're needing to vent or looking for advice but i drive up in the moutnains often and i have started just honking my horn the second i see a deer. I'm done playing the, i'm gonna slow down and not kill you but in return please dont jump out and hit my car for no reason, game. I...
  10. The Black Horse

    Glass roof proves tough in hail storm which damaged Mach-E body

    With the power invested in me, by the brotherhood of guys who really care about their cars, we would like to let you know that we feel for you and have empathy for your situation during these trying times. if i walked outside and saw my car like that there is no way i wouldn't fall down to my...
  11. The Black Horse

    BlueCruise Scam

    Your furiously typed four-paragraph response to my two-sentence post proves my point ...
  12. The Black Horse

    BlueCruise Scam

    Everyone on this forum are Ford Bootlickers - they will defend their overlords through thick and thin as they rewatch Ford vs. Ferrari for the 12th time.
  13. The Black Horse

    Ford Quadruples BlueCruise Price to $800/yr for All Renewals

    I got a standard 2021 and paid extra for the tech and convenience package. So i paid extra to have bluecruise in my car. Maybe its because i have bluecruise 1.0 but this thing isn't worth anywhere near those prices. I would be mad or annoyed, but i've been done with Ford and the fiasco this car...
  14. The Black Horse

    Ikon rear diffuser install instructions?

    Hope you find the answers you seek - plz keep us updated as this item is something i am looking to get in the future.
  15. The Black Horse

    Blue Oval Charge Network - missing?

    I'm saying this as a friend, and also not completely sure if this is even possible - return the car. Say hello, i would like to return a faulty product. I wish I could go back in time and not buy this thing. Not worth the headache, and the car is 100% not what it is advertised to be. This is...
  16. The Black Horse

    New and seeking advice!

    I don't recommend buying this car. You asked for our opinion - thats mine. Sorry, it's not what you want to hear.
  17. The Black Horse

    BIG Mustang Mach-E Meetup video highlights!

    I could never go to an event like this because it will remind me of the time a crappy Ford dealership sold the car I initiated a purchase with them for. Sent my id, ran my credit, we were in the final stages of sale and then the sales rep ghosted me. Long story short now i have a Select with...
  18. The Black Horse

    Front screen navigation glitch

    lol -yeah i know this gripe of mine is self-inflicted, but in my opinion, it is far superior to all of the other maps out there on the market. Plus since i've been using it for so long i have all of my frequent locations, chargers, etc saved in there.