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  1. Dustus

    Windshield replacement

    So I got a really good rock chip in my windshield that is going to require the windshield to be replaced. Insurance is with Geico and they will replace it for $50 but it won't be OEM. To select OEM will run an additional $700. What am I going to be missing without it? Safelight is doing the...
  2. Dustus

    Tire rotation, should I worry about the lift?

    Stopped by Discount Tire today to get a nail removed from one tire and get my first tire rotation done. Checking in I talked to the service manager about the lift points in the car and he told me they would just use the jacks so they made sure to hit them correctly. But a short time later I...
  3. Dustus

    American charging in Canada

    Hey all! My wife and I are taking a road trip up to British Columbia for a few days in the Mach E. Any suggestions as to what apps or accounts I should get setup for charging in that area? Wasn't sure if I can just pay with my card when I'm there or if I should install some of the BC Hyrdo EV...
  4. Dustus

    Chime after startup

    So maybe related to the latest 3.3.1 updates? Lately after I start the car and start driving I get a double chime. Sounds a lot like the navigation sound when you have a turn coming up. I have nothing visual though on either screen to tell me what the car is chiming me about. Anyone know...
  5. Dustus

    Alarm triggered

    Sitting down to watch TV and about 10 minutes in my car alarm goes off in my garage. I run and grab my fob and turn it off. Check the car an nothing seems out of the ordinary. Odd, I go back to the TV. 15 minutes later, alarm goes off again. I run out the garage, turn off the alarm and see...
  6. Dustus

    Plan ahead for weather

    I took my car on a 300 mile round trip Saturday. Knew I would need to charge at some point to make the full trip so I charged at the halfway point back up to 90% at a nice EA station. By the cars calculations I would have 50 extra miles of range when I got home. So we start back. Temperature...
  7. Dustus

    Plug and Charge activation

    I'm trying to activate Plug and Charge on my account. Yesterday I went to the website and activated the trial for Plug and Charge on my account. It walked me through a few screens and added my credit card. After that it sounded like I was done but now I have nothing. Plug and charge doesn't...
  8. Dustus


    Is this the most useless feature they could have put on Ford cars or am I missing something? I turned my notifications on thinking I would get notices if someone tried to break into my car. No, I only get notices when myself, carrying a fob and my phone as a key gets into the car. If anyone...
  9. Dustus

    Charging Experience while traveling

    Maybe this video has been posted before on the forums as it is a year old now, but it gave me serious concerns about ever traveling with the Mach e any real distance from my house. My question, since this is a year old is has the system improved that you know of?