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  1. Validate if recall/campaign was applied

    The other day I brought my 2022 MME for two recalls; HVAC reprogramming Campaign 23B28 and Charge cord control module reprogramming, Campaign 23B50. I went to Ford's recall site and entered my VIN. Those two recalls are no longer present. Is there a way to check in the car itself without a...
  2. Train tracking question - Maryland DC Suburbs

    I have been waiting exactly 9 months to the day for my MME. My car is on the Norfolk-Southern line. I do not have a final destination. Does anyone know where it will be taken off the train at for a delivery to a dealership in Montgomery County Maryland?
  3. Dealership being a stealership

    After speaking with a sales person over the phone who confirmed with his sales manager that they would accept X-plan. I ordered a 2022 on 10/2 along with the paying $500 deposit through Ford website ordering. The dealership wanted me to come in and provide my driver's license. Fine. I have a...