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  1. FordPass 5.0 Released

    Under access and permissions it shows plug and charge is checked but you cannot tell what certificates you may have, such as Tesla and EA. In the old version you could easily tell what you had. not overly impressed with this Version so far.
  2. *Loud* popping from speakers

    Just Fords way of making sure you are awake before driving. happened to me a couple of time 2 years ago, never since.
  3. 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD (Refined Audio) sucks

    I got the AUD update today but my Nav changes in the IPC changed last week with my previous update 6.8
  4. PowerUp 6.8.0 released

    I posted before that full time directions from Apple nav no longer show up in the IPC the same goes for fords directions So the full time directions of both ford nav and Apple nav are no longer shown in the IPC only when you get to the . 3 mile mark of a turn does something show in the IPC...
  5. PowerUp 6.8.0 released

    Got mine the other day also, lost full time directions from car play in the instrument cluster. the directions do show up about .3 miles from the next turn. Used to be directions shown in the IPC 100% of the time.
  6. Issues since PU0121-FTDI-FX

    Just got 6.8 last night. Apple car play directions no longer continuously show in the instrument cluster. The directions do show when the next turn is to take place in about .3 miles. has anyone else seen this?
  7. Gift from Ford for completing the HVJB recall!

    Just got my letter, gift card and mat today also
  8. Best 12v Battery Charger?

    How about any of the CTEK devices?
  9. I am bored and want to go up in comfort and spaciousness

    When you say height, do you mean interior headroom? Seems it is about 2.5 inches more in IX50, exterior height of ix50 is about 3 inches higher
  10. Tesla Lays Off Entire Supercharger Team [Update: Musk says supercharger growth will continue] ** WARNING: NO POLITICS***

    There is literally billions of dollars coming to help alleviate charging issues. hopefully these 500 talented people will find their way to multiple companies to help them be successful competitors to Tesla which will only help everyone in the long term.
  11. Trouble ordering fast charge adapter

    Level 2 is generally a destination charger at a hotel or some other business establishment. level 3 are their DCFC charges near or on highways
  12. L2 charging speed recently dropped 33%

    And if I remember correctly the doomed firestone which was bought by Bridgestone
  13. I am bored and want to go up in comfort and spaciousness

    Macan is probably a winner, but if you lease it probably won’t be pretty the way they normally structure them .
  14. L2 charging speed recently dropped 33%

    Don’t expect there to be a fix, only to do more eliminations
  15. I am bored and want to go up in comfort and spaciousness

    Having 1 I don’t think it’s the ugliest but it’s def not a beauty I drove it to NY from Fl. 2 weeks ago and can tell you driving it is a dream, having the professional driving package the Blue cruise equivalent is much better than BC you get used to all the non buttons pretty quickly but I get...
  16. I am bored and want to go up in comfort and spaciousness

    Have you thought about an IX 50 looks can be polarizing to some Excellent range, extremely comfortable with air suspension, more room in the rear, not much more overall room in the trunk, no frunk, excellent discounts, extremely low money factor on leases, at least I think they still are
  17. L2 charging speed recently dropped 33%

    Maybe next year I will take my Juicebox to Florida and see how it works in Florida With the Mach E
  18. L2 charging speed recently dropped 33%

    Could be but it works on my Autel perfectly, so there is a hardware piece that is not compatible with only my Juicebox? Anything is possible