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  1. OTAs comin' in hot!

    I would like to see some more useful features added. Sure, you can now open your frunk from your phone app but is that really a must have feature? How about the ability to support built in dash cam and record last 15-30 seconds when driving or parked with whatever cameras there are when I...
  2. 6.14.0 Software Update just installed

    My update cycle is very similar to yours it seems. I got 6.8 a couple of days ago, then the audio fix, and just got the 6.14. But plenty of fixes did get installed late last year and then there was a good long break until April / May when fixes started rolling in.
  3. Wireless CarPlay Disconnects

    Already discussed quite a bit.
  4. Brake pads sticking to rotors

    I have been discussing grabby brakes elsewhere on this forum and while this sounds like a different issue, is there a problem with brakes in this car as a whole? I’ve owned cars that have sat in rain storms for days (not immersed in water - just pouring rain) and drove away just fine after a few...
  5. Brake pads sticking to rotors

    Sounds like Ford’s brakes did not even last the 24 hours during the Le Mans and then ever since.
  6. Farley Says It's Not a Mustang

    I bought it because it is not a Tesla so I dunno…
  7. 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD (Refined Audio) sucks

    Just got this update myself and the audio sounds perfectly fine. It’s hard to perceive any difference but my center channel is most definitely playing and I can certainly still hear stereo separation. I didn’t have to change anything. I have the GTPE premium audio.
  8. 23-PU1024-6CH-AUD (Refined Audio) sucks

    I am almost certain that this vehicle does not have a 5-channel audio output. Put a 5 channel test audio file on your USB and try to play it and see if you hear the test tones from different speakers. I’d be amazed if I am proven wrong. I am quite sure it has two channel audio output to...
  9. Bad at parking?

    Since giving up sedans and moving to SUV, I am SO addicted and therefore dependent on 360 that I refuse to buy a car without one. It’s one of the primary reasons I chose Mach E over Model Y; that, and the rear cross traffic alert because I think the sage advice telling us bAcK InTo a parking...
  10. Bad at parking?

    It may have to do with the seating position vs the height of the front hood. I share your experience as well. Assuming you’re in USA, looking at the front upper edge of the driver side headlight helps a lot. I usually just align that to position myself and then make sure the front hood of the...
  11. The honeymoon is starting to wear off and the brakes are getting increasingly frustrating to me

    Smooth stops from OPD or not OPD are not possible in my car IN SOME CASES. It’s quite peculiar actually. When the car has been riding at normal speeds, and I come to a stop for a red light using OPD, it’s fairly okay. I say fairly, because I’ve driven Teslas and they are far superior even in...
  12. The honeymoon is starting to wear off and the brakes are getting increasingly frustrating to me

    Thank you. This actually oddly makes me feel better that I am not the only one who is experiencing this. You cannot imagine how much I despise that feeling when I go from 0 to 3 mph and stop again. The grabby brakes and the forward backward lurch feels like the car has been designed and driven...
  13. Mach E totalled

    Not everyone qualifies for a tax credit. I didn’t. And you still may need to pay sales tax and fees on it so yeah, you can get a decked out Model Y for $40k out the door. Some may get one for more. Some for less. It varies wildly. That wasn’t the point. The point is that for the money that OP...
  14. Mach E totalled

    I don’t know what trim your Mach E is (select / premium / GT etc.) but $30k for a 2021 Mach e that has run close to 50k miles is VERY good if it is anything under GT/GTPE. For GT/GTPE, I’d have expected to see 33k for those many miles. The $30k and another few thousand dollars would get you a...
  15. The honeymoon is starting to wear off and the brakes are getting increasingly frustrating to me

    Good to hear from you. Yes. I always drive my EVs with the max regeneration available in the car, so yes, my one pedal drive mode is on since day 1. Just how harsh the brakes are on this model becomes even more apparent when I switch off one pedal drive. It’s like stopping an 18 wheeler...
  16. The honeymoon is starting to wear off and the brakes are getting increasingly frustrating to me

    I know this is a very old thread but I wanted to just ask you if you still have your Mach-E and how the brakes are doing. In all fairness, the grabby brakes and the back-and-forth lurching that happens when brakes are applied at slow speeds is the ONLY thing I hate about this car to the core...
  17. Confirmed - 1hr hot weather (pet) mode

    One morning I realized that I was out of coffee, I just went to the car, left a door ajar and tried to lock it. It woke me up REAL fast with that double honk.
  18. Electric MME vs. Gas: Mile for Mile, EVs Still Hold Edge, But Advantage Shrinks

    Since we don’t have gasoline at home on tap, the real comparison should be between national gasoline price average compared to national DC fast charging averages.
  19. Rocket Scientist and Race Car Driver Goes Electric and Joins Mach-E Family!

    Aside from the (somewhat pompous) title revealing OP’s overtly covert insecurities, this has been a great thread to read.
  20. Please allow me to vent

    There’s a difference between venting and whining. Just saying.