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  1. Neil4Real

    Help! Can't Charge - Tesla Wall Connector

    Heyo, I'm staying at an AirBNB and there is a Tesla Wall Connector (appears to be a Gen 1, so no app connectivity) with an adapter. I tried charging it last night and just kept getting fault after fault (restarting the car inbetween faults). Tesla shows nothing, solid green which means it is...
  2. Neil4Real

    Cabin Air Filter - Clip Broke

    Well, clumsy me. I went to go change my air filter and, of course, the right clip snapped off with barely any force. Do I need to replace the assembly or just leave it? The left side is sealed but obviously the right isn’t since nothings holding it down. If I don’t get a rattle, does it matter...
  3. Neil4Real

    Testing Window/Car Seals?

    Is there a way to test where possible wind noise is coming from? I'm taking my car in for service next and would really like them to see if maybe my door/window seal, pano seal, windshield seal, or side mirror seal is faulty as I just get way, way more wind noise than my 2021 Premium (both...
  4. Neil4Real

    New Power-Up -

    Just received this morning, nothing noticeable. I checked FDRS yesterday and had no available updates after doing the TCU update myself a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if this is prepping for the UI overhaul or BC 1.2?!?!
  5. Neil4Real

    Brown/Rusty looking stuff on undercarriage

    Hey all, I have an annoying creak after my HVBJB and have been checking every expose nook and cranny for what it could be - rubbing, loose bolt, etc. While checking the under carriage, there’s all this rusty looking stuff that seems to be a glue or something? It’s all over. Any ideas? Also...
  6. Neil4Real

    Bluetooth 5.3 on Phone Better for PaaK?

    The new iPhone 14 Pro has Bluetooth 5.3, I was wondering if we will see PaaK improvements due to the this or if the car has to also have Bluetooth 5.3 to benefit?
  7. Neil4Real

    POST Recall Software HVBJB Failure

    Well, it was finally my turn it seems. I completed the recall software updates via FDRS last week and noticed nothing adverse after the updates and then today I got the dreaded “Service Vehicle Soon” message. For background, I never DCFC and never have with my GTPE. I purely level 2 charge to...
  8. Neil4Real

    Premium AWD Extended to GT PE - Almost Even Trade!

    Well, I’ve been talking about it for a while and finally did it! I’ll share the details for anyone else who might try. I bought a premium AWD extended in July 2021 that was a little over $56k after taxes and dealer/CA point of sale rebates and MSRP. I put $9,500 down and got that back via the...
  9. Neil4Real

    How are GTPE owners liking the seats after a bit of time with them?

    I rent a GT PE (have a Premium AWD extended) and was torn with the seats. I have the chance to get one with no ADM (just crappy LoJack $1.3k) but am undecided on the seats and the material. I loved how they held me WAY better than the Premiums but the shoulder bolsters seem to poke me in the...
  10. Neil4Real

    How do taxes work if I sell my MME Premium for a GT PE?

    I see a lot of people saying that trade-ins save you on taxes, since there is no cap gains I assume? I'm in California and I'm wondering if I sell my car for $54k to CarMax or Vroom, do I have to pay taxes on it? The "all in" price was like $61k on my car, after the Options rebate, CA rebate...
  11. Neil4Real

    If you compare the Mach-E to Ford/Lincoln, it really is a huge step up!

    Sorry, but I forgot how much I hate all other Ford, Lincoln, whatever cars. They are just such low quality, it blows my mind. I remember wanting a Ford Focus around 2014, test drove it and holy cow, no thanks. Not to mention the crazy infotainment system they had forever. I'm in a 2019 Lincoln...
  12. Neil4Real

    Roof and Windshield Recall

    Has anyone had this done yet? I have to take my car in next week for service due to Ford effing up the software when they replaced my IPC. I asked if they could do the recalls and they said yes and said the roof DOES come out. Even though the notice makes it seem like it does not. They said the...
  13. Neil4Real

    Can't turn on "Traction Control" or "Evasive Steering Assist"

    Anyone have any ideas? Neither are "greyed out" so I can toggle them, but neither responds at all to a press. I can force slide them to on, but it doesn't go blue, showing it is trying to turn it on and then just goes back to off after a few seconds. Same thing with my lift gate setting. Says...
  14. Neil4Real

    "Carbon Fiber" Dash Repair

    I have two fairly deep scratches on the "carbon fiber" dash just to the left of the IPC caused by the auto body shop who repaired my front end. Not sure how they did it, but it is annoying enough to draw my eyes to it when I drive. They're fairly small, maybe an inch and another is an inch and a...
  15. Neil4Real

    A/C Turns Off at 100mph

    So... I did a thing and wanted to, uh, you know, make sure my car really did not go any faster than 113mph, like I've read. For science, of course. Well, I had my A/C on auto, 1 "notch," and right when I would hit 100mph it would turn off. I tried it with Auto on max, 3 notches, and it seemed to...
  16. Neil4Real

    Premium ER AWD vs RWD - Am I making a mistake?

    I’ve wanted an EV for a long time and always loved the Model S, but I’ve been in quite a number of them and hated the wind noise. When I test drove the Mach e, holy smokes - wind and road noise are amazing even going 80 on the highway. I’ve been searching for a while and finally found a dealer...