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  1. 2024 Mach-E GT Tested — No More 5 Second Power Limit + What's New For 2024

    I'm not complaining; it's a nice improvement, but it's not class leading. Marginally faster than the Model Y Performance but significantly slower than the Model 3 performance and even the Kia EV6 GT. I think Ford can and should continue to improve performance in subsequent model years.
  2. SSM 52498 - "1 Pedal Drive Fault" Warning Message, P0C2F:92 Stored in the SOBDMC

    Has there been any update on the timeline, Lee? Happened three times to me today. And I didn't get my HVJB replaced. Hopefully the fix will still be pushed OTA to me. Curious whether you had them go ahead and do it anyway and whether it resolved the problem for you?
  3. FordPass 5.0 Released

    I'm curious, do you recall where you read that or do you happen to have a link handy? I'm quite interested in this and have been following news on it and it would be nice to know that preconditioning is coming. "Pretend" is right. Apple's stance is a mirage... Every time you search something...
  4. Several Mach-E Service Actions [Resumed] - Powertrain Software Issue

    You've got a great dealer, apparently. Most don't offer their customers any kind of loaner, let alone an actual EV!
  5. My MachE has Bad battery cells

    Ford should be arranging with dealerships to be providing Mach-E loaners for these long repairs. The current (if you're lucky!) rental car reimbursement after the fact that doesn't come close to paying for an equivalent vehicle is nuts.
  6. 24-PU-CLS-CFG Software Update

    If you could capture a photo with / without braking to see the difference that would be cool! If you can do it safely of course, e.g. in Park.
  7. Weird Safety Recall package came yesterday

    I'd like to upgrade my charger but 1) I need Qi2 support, and 2) I don't like that this one uses the only USB-C port. I'd prefer some kind of hardwired solution that leaves the USB-C port free and also increases the wattage to 15W.
  8. Pixel 8 Pro and Wireless Android Auto

    I have a Pixel 8 Pro, purchased October 2021 from Google Fi. I have experienced a bug where the phone can't "hear" me (i.e. can't reply to notifications or perform a voice search in Google Maps or ask the assistant something) but it only happens occasionally and rebooting Sync fixes it (hold...
  9. Power Up 6.x Poll

    Whenever we finally move to the 7.x series of updates the poll should be more useful, as OP as promised to create it with the ability to select multiple options, so we can select all the updates we receive instead of just the most recent. By the way, thanks for your efforts @ChasingCoral!
  10. NACS Adapter Order Number Tracker

    Hopefully the people responsible for building these adapters are not impacted by the ongoing layoffs at Tesla, but I wouldn't be surprised if the upheaval over there is part of the reason for the delay.
  11. Who else hates the design of some roundabouts?

    Any chance you can link a full video? I think the roundabout designs in my area / state are quite different because I'm having a hard time visualizing the situation, even with the photos you've posted.
  12. Is this totaled? Front wheel popped off

    I don't know why this would be the case. The battery is actually sold in separate modules (four them I think for the extended range battery), so you could swap out individual modules if the damage is contained to just one or two modules. The modules could also be opened up and the cells...
  13. Automatic emergency braking at speeds up to 90mph required under new rule

    It's an interesting rule. Presumably in order to implement it properly it will require higher-resolution radars (and / or other sensors) that will not false-positive (much). Luxury cars tend to implement upcoming requirements in advance (to then brag about it) so I imagine we'll see examples...
  14. An interesting gesture from Ford.

    30,000 points is worth $150 of service work. Nothing to sneeze at IMHO.
  15. Several Mach-E Service Actions [Resumed] - Powertrain Software Issue

    I'm sure the dealership got the notice Friday evening. Perhaps the service writer or manager was not working over the weekend. Mondays are very busy and they probably hadn't caught up yet on corporate communications.
  16. I am bored and want to go up in comfort and spaciousness

    Hey OP, have you looked at the Audi Q8? Expensive, but I think a lease qualifies for the full $7.5k credit. I haven't driven a Q8 myself but the Q7 is great for tall folks and the Q8 is similar in size.
  17. Has anyone received the new phone charger pad from Ford?

    I'd be interested in an after-market pad when they support the Qi2 standard (which both Android and iPhones are expected to widely support starting this year). However, the real problem is the USB-C port doesn't provide enough power, plus I like to keep it open for wired Android Auto for...
  18. Several Mach-E Service Actions [Resumed] - Powertrain Software Issue

    Ford mobile service completed this software update for me an hour or less before you posted. :facepalm: I've barely driven the car since then, but I'll keep an eye out for an increase in 1PD faults. Btw, I wonder what this is going to do to the "4/29" date that was teased on these forums...
  19. MY21 Blue Cruise Fix Not Covered Under Warranty

    Hmmm, not sure I agree, but I suppose it depends on the amounts involved. Also, it may depend on the jurisdiction, but at least in mine small claims costs are recoverable after winning the case. In terms of actually collecting after a win, anecdotally I have read that big companies typically pay...