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  1. mdolan92869

    A2Z Adapter: Slam to Work

    Just did the first test of my A2Z adapter. Didn't need a charge, I was only at 73%, but it was on the path for the morning drive with my mom. Thought I found the perfect charger, pull up on the side. But it was handicap only, D'oh! But there were dozens of empty spots so I found one and pulled...
  2. mdolan92869

    6400 miles, 27 states

    They changed the presidents display since I was there 😝
  3. mdolan92869

    Random Mach-E Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    With the handprint, it's like it's waving to the car following you 👋
  4. mdolan92869

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    I think that’s a Ferengi rule of acquisition.
  5. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Don't need to share precise location. Send precise location from car to device. Device asks for general vicinity map from Google. Device draws map and places the pin for car location. No need whatsoever for my precise location to go to Google. EVER! Keep all personal data on device, never give...
  6. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    My question is, "Are they sending my location (and who knows what other) data to Google or are they asking for a general geographical set of maps to display and doing the work on device?" My guess is sending my data to Google. That's the payment for using their maps.
  7. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Just got the car back from the dealer service and checked. The HVB is at 73% and now the LVB is at 93%. Last night I checked since it had been getting service all day and it was at 39%. When I checked again this morning I saw 75%, which was the same as the HVB. Must've just been a coincidence...
  8. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Click on your avatar in the upper right to open settings. Click on Legal & Privacy Click on Privacy Click on Set Preferences (assuming the page loads, I've had this be hit or miss) Turn off Google Map in FordPass
  9. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    But does the console say "Ground Speed" or "Air Speed"? 😝
  10. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Maybe both of my batteries happen to be at 75%, but that seems unlikely. It's been in the shop for the HVBJB recall and last night showed 39% for the LVB SoC when I checked.
  11. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Just logged into and noticed that the Charge Level seems to be the HVB and not the LVB. Can others please try it and see to make sure it's not just my imagination?
  12. mdolan92869

    FordPass 5.0 Released

    Great, in order to get vehicle location, I have to allow Google to get the data too. Bad move, bad, bad move.
  13. mdolan92869

    Does anyone know if they lifted the service requirement for the HVBJB?

    Same with me. Got an automated text and called the service department. Put me on hold and said that they had the parts in stock, so come on in. Said it’ll be ready tomorrow. 🤞
  14. mdolan92869

    Messing around

    Only if you have the right adapter
  15. mdolan92869

    Bizarre Farley comments

    It's only Tuesday, plenty of time to get up to 20 or 30 threads by the holiday weekend!
  16. mdolan92869

    My experience with the A2Z adapter + Mach-E

    Somewhere in one of the many threads on using Tesla Superchargers is a post about getting some ramps that fit in the frunk to use to get the front of your car up and over obstacles. I tried searching for it, but couldn’t find it. I’m also eating pizza, so guess where my priorities lie. ;) 🍕...
  17. mdolan92869

    Got a "Proactive" call from Ford today

    I got a text from my local Ford dealer on Friday (from an unknown number) saying that my VIN showed I had an open recall for the HVBJB issue. Click the link or call the number to make an appointment. Hmmm, seems sketchy except they knew my VIN, name and obviously phone number. Called the...
  18. mdolan92869

    Clean up after yourself

    If you really want to clean up after yourself, you need the new CyberDumpster from Tesla!!