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    Sorry was on a mood…. Trying to delete
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    Errors starting to pop up after Ghost OTA

    First let me say that We have never had any errors or faults that show up on any screens. we have had some issues and still ongoing. But I find it very coincidental that these flurry of errors over the last week come shortly after a Ghost OTA. I think I need to bite the bullet and purchase...
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    Phantom OTA?

    Was already running 2.8.3 that caused the center channel speaker to go off the reservation. It’s still f’d up
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    2.8.3 OTA now B&O Sounds like a record player

    So we got 2.8.3 this week. The wife came home and said the Beeps sound funny. so like normal, I get to actually sit in the car days later… and the radio sounds fuzzy, scratchy, buzzy and similar to an old phonograph. I have not done a SYNC or console reset. Just curious ifwe are the only ones.
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    Check my VIN?

    The car has been at the dealership for almost two months. I’m get claims from the dealership that it’s updated … but PAAK and Widget say otherwise: 3FMTK3SUXMMA06850 Please and thank you!
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    Wiper broken/knocked off in car wash

    So i had upgraded the wiper to the longer blade back in March. We run thru the car wash 4-6 times per month… just noticed this after a trip through the wash today..
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    Thumping Clicking noises when turning?!

    Car is primarily the Wife’s Ride. So she had more time behind the wheel to learn the car…. she said last month that the car has been making noises while turning at a stop sign or pulling out of a parking spot. I never heard such a thing before so I dismissed it. The car just had its 10K...
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    Ford Plantation Visit with Ruby

    The wife had a 10miler this morning at the Ford Plantation. Figured we would take Ruby (FE).
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    Never Realized we had Pony Lights

    So, I’ve washed Ruby many many times by hand and never noticed this “Pony-Egg”. In the headlamps. I’ve seen mention of the “Electric Ponies Live Here”.. sorry of redundant!
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    Love your Mustang Mach-E? Would you buy it again? POLL

    With several threads: "Do you love your Mach-E?" or "would you buy it again?" or "I'm on the fence..." I figured the only real way to see the sheer ratio of HAPPY vs SAD is an un-official POLL. 1-10 seems to make people think really hard on their answer.
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    PAAK FSA 21B36 completed yesterday. Expected results?

    So, I finally gave in and took our FE to the dealership in hopes the FSA 21B36 will correct the damage done by FordPass 3.28.0 USA. The update was completed yesterday afternoon. They only took the car and FOB back to perform the work. After completed I drove back home and plugged in. I...
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    Door Ding #2 Painful

    Our FE RR... now has it's 2nd ding... I parked next to a right-of-way marker (concrete)... opened the driver's door... :( The first ding was in the parking lot of a restaurant 1 week after having it PPF and Ceramic... a lady parked really close and then her passenger got out in a hurry... the...
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    HEAT induced drive mode issue

    So, yesterday we went from cloudy w/ Rain to Sunny and Hot & Humid. Air Temp was 96f , Humidity was 75%, Heat index was almost 117f. Got into the HEAT BOX.. Break Pedal Start.. Set AC to: LO Temp , A/C , Recirc , NO E-Heat. The Jet engine under the FRUNK/FROOT started up... Then I pulled out...
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    PAAK is now BRICK :(

    So, having had our MME since Valentine's Day (FEB 2021)... we have been one of the few who have had little to no issues with PAAK. That all changed over the last week. Not sure if FORD, like Apple, pushes firmware or software without owner's consent.. but... Our PAAK is now BRICK (No Key...
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    How to Videos posted

    may already be linked somewhere...
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    Set Channels keep changing & moving

    what makes the saved/preset channels & icons move and change or no longer be correct (Image shows 90's but channel playing is NSR)..? Wife and I have different PAAK/Fob profiles and different Audio profiles. It makes it so hard to drive down the road and have to keep looking over at the...
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    Drive Motors , aftermarket or Ford upgrades?

    So, with all the performance discussions about FE/Premium AWD vs GT vs GTPE... I decided to look for electric motors "just in case" I ever want to upgrde the FE later on (After warranty). I can only find '1' Motor. Period. Does this mean the Front and Rear motors are the same for AWD? Just...
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    Hilton Head , Savannah owners?

    Any other HHI or SAV owners?
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    I want a Powered Frunk/Froot on my MME FE now... thanks F150

    I think we should be able to upgrade to a Powered Frunk/Froot without dividers. Obviously this was not a legal restriction based on the Lightning reveal.