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  1. dj_stang

    Team Edison where are you??

    Then why is Ford bothering with all this new fangled electricity stuff, the people you’re talking about are buying Camrys. Don’t kid yourself that Ford wasn’t trying to directly compete with Tesla with this product.
  2. dj_stang

    When does Plugging in charge the 12V?

    Still boggles the mind how dumb this decision is. I’ve literally had the 12V die not allowing me to open any doors, start the vehicle, or get in, while plugged in all night. Also degrades the 12V having it fall below the 20% or so threshold to maybe hopefully trigger emergency charging (which...
  3. dj_stang

    Does one-pedal drive strain electric motors/gear train?

    Right, what I’m saying is that driving behavior is not identical. So based on the way you drive one can be more efficient. For the way I drive, knowing the limits of regen braking with 1PD helps me anticipate deceleration events and plan accordingly. 2PD doesn’t tell you when you’re using regen...
  4. dj_stang

    Does one-pedal drive strain electric motors/gear train?

    Exactly, which is why I don’t buy Porsche’s argument that 2PD is more efficient because it all comes down to driving style. Personally it’s a lot easier to be ultra efficient in 1PD by anticipating future decelerations and knowing I am never ever using the brake pads. In 2PD I’d have to somehow...
  5. dj_stang

    Texas AOSK Metal Dead Pedal

    I bought this a while ago but never got the time to install. It’s still in the original Amazon packaging. Will ship for $10 (mainly to cover cost) to first DM or public reply. I will mark it as unavailable when its shipped. AOSK Compatible with 2021 2022 2023 Mustang Mach-E Foot Rest Dead Pedal...
  6. dj_stang

    Florida OEM Floor Mats Available for FREE

    I also have these, just need to cover shipping and maybe $10-15 to find a box, pack and ship. edit: location is central Texas
  7. dj_stang

    Ford’s next-gen EVs could feature 800V fast charging

    That would be a change in strategy.
  8. dj_stang

    Ford falling behind daily

    Why don’t people call the customer service hotline and do that for Tesla and Rivian? I hate the idea that Ford customers specifically are dumber than other EV automakers that we have to treat them like special needs.
  9. dj_stang

    WARNING! This may be a trigger for some of you....

    I am surprised… I’m actually blown away at what’s “hard” for Ford’s software team.
  10. dj_stang

    WARNING! This may be a trigger for some of you....

    The technology just wasn’t there yet when the MachE came out. Now that Honda has daringly proven the viability of this crazy concept maybe Ford will take a few more generations to trickle it down to future MME buyers (if there are any left). Best they can do for us is put a static image of a...
  11. dj_stang

    Supercharger Update

    People say this is fake and then complain about misinformation. It’s extremely convincing, the only thing that seems fake is it came out more or less on schedule (even for EA).
  12. dj_stang

    Blue Cruise Discontinued?

    I know you don’t think that but that’s one way to get their attention 😂
  13. dj_stang

    Mach-E cold weather kit: Who wants one?

    The passive heating elements would interfere with cooling in the summer. Lord knows Ford is worried about their battery warranty already given the 5s limit, extremely conservative charge curves, and more. I don’t think they’d offer this personally, and may void your warranty if excessive...
  14. dj_stang

    Third slowest selling car in America - MME

    She should consider the Maverick (also hybrid, similar passenger space, and way way cheaper with better resale), 2 of the best cars I’ve ever owned.
  15. dj_stang

    Finally located some 2024 Window Stickers

    It pulls up some broken tool that says navigate to parking which no one has ever used. I suggested to them that they just make it pull up the camera instead since that’s something I do every time I park. They’re too busy rearranging the IPC though :).
  16. dj_stang

    New Owner

    I don’t think so but what I rely on is the mirrors folding in. You can turn that on in the settings and it gives good enough feedback for me.
  17. dj_stang

    Buying a buyback 2022 premium RWD worth it?

    It mentions 23B50 which was a voluntary recall for charge ports getting too hot and melting. Apparently there was or is a huge backlog of parts. It’s solved by software throttling now. What I’m thinking is that this one was affected and the port melted. They couldn’t get the repair done in time...
  18. dj_stang

    Buying a buyback 2022 premium RWD worth it?

    How did a buyback happen for wind noise? I don’t think any dealer would care and not Ford corporate. I’d be concerned something else is going on.
  19. dj_stang

    Did Something Kinda Stupid Today…

    Mine is a 16 character alphanumeric passcode with a number of symbols that I will not share. It’s super convenient I just store it in my password manager… on my phone!