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  1. Garbone

    Change in Instrument Cluster Display

    Soon, Had turned of the 21s updates to avoid this but turned them back on for the Tesla update, now my IPC is infected..
  2. Garbone

    Out of Spec Kyle reviews the 2024 Mach-E

    Fixed that statement for you....
  3. Garbone

    Tesla Supercharger Access Delayed for GM, Polestar, Next Crop of EV Brands

    Love my A2Z. Really nice carrying case.
  4. Garbone

    New app - no BEV remote start?

    Mid 90s yesterday. Hit that fan button and as I came out of the house the car was sounding like a jet engine running the cooling.
  5. Garbone

    Can Hear Water Inside the Roof While Driving

    We get the stop slosh on ours, it is a usual a sign to fill my washer fluid. We use a lot of washer fluid.
  6. Garbone

    Mach E totalled

    My vote is coolant leak. Wonder if it is the battery tray junction or possibly a line to one of the motors. Would love to see some photos of it on the lift. Did you high center and use it as a skip plate, giving her the beans? Wife got a road hazard that punctured and ripped down the rear...
  7. Garbone

    2021-2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Will Get Sync 4A Update

    Heard tell it puts a useless gray car in the middle of the center screen so it will have symetry with the dash display.
  8. Garbone

    AC or Open Windows?

    Under 45mph windows are down so I can yell and shake my fist at a moments notice.
  9. Garbone

    Attaching iPhone holder to main screen. I have one in each car. 3 years on the oldest, works great, phone falls off if I get too spirited over railroad tracks.
  10. Garbone

    How do I get the permit for install home level 2 charger

    Can you see it from the street?
  11. Garbone

    Trunk opened while driving.

    Guess, gear in the drunk shifted and hit that drunk button.
  12. Garbone

    Anyone paying for the for the built in connected Nav?

    Not paying and there is now no "Charging" functionality. You can set your destination to the charger by address but the car knows not if it is a Walmart, Bucees or a charger.
  13. Garbone

    Mustang Guages

    Looks like ICE Mustangs have some cool downloads. Of course we will see nothing even close as it would require removing the useless little car from the center of the cluster.
  14. Garbone

    Thoughts on Connected Navigation Pricing

    My wife's car has lapsed in "unpaid" navigation. No more charge stops on routing so no reason to use the Ford nav over Google or ABRP. Remote start and location in the Ford pass app still works. Drove a car for decades without it telling me were to get fuel, I think I can handle not having...
  15. Garbone

    Charging Curve Is.. Terrible

    Well, considering my wife "free" navigation has run out and I refuse to pay $80 a year to use the silly thing, precondition button would be the cats Pajamas.
  16. Garbone

    When the frunk is open, the car lights stay off. This is not OK!

    Eh, I have no issues with the lighting, I find the lights on handy when setting up a tent after dark.
  17. Garbone

    Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

    I saw a Lyric EV yesterday, so ugly I felt violated.
  18. Garbone

    Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

    Had a vulture crap in my tool bag once. I think it was intentional, even though I was working at the base of a cell tower. Always wear a hard hat.......