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  1. RickMachE

    Charged Mach-E at Tesla Supercharger via Adapter

    Creates a bunch of negative press, "only X NEVI locations". Why? Examples above.
  2. RickMachE

    Plug & Charge settings in New App

    Checking the app doesn't tell you if the car got the update, as noted. If Plug and Charge doesn't work, simply do the following: 1) Activate charger via FordPass app. 2) Plug in.
  3. RickMachE

    Iron phosphate battery in cold climate

    As was stated above, that's not true. If it wasn't produced in the 2nd half of 2023, it can't be. And, it's on SR, not ER batteries. Says right on the sticker if it's LFP.
  4. RickMachE

    Security and locking

    The fob locked inside a Mach-E is disabled.
  5. RickMachE

    Mustang Mach-e forward collision avoidance system

    Guess that logic means you should test your airbags too. Let us know how it goes.
  6. RickMachE

    I wonder if somebody is in same situation as I am?

    The ONLY free charging that was ever offered with the Mach-E was 250kWh at Electrify America. Depends where you live as to the value, but let's call it $125. There was never "5 years free", and never at Tesla. ONLY at Electrify America, and you have to use the Ford app or Plug and Charge...
  7. RickMachE

    2023 Mach e software update issue?

    Actually, a promiscuous goat is preferred. If you cannot find one, it is acceptable to make a virgin goat promiscuous. See your manual.
  8. RickMachE

    2023 Mach e software update issue?

    If you sacrifice a goat to the god Lithia, that may work. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do.
  9. RickMachE

    Second batch of NACS adapters are shipping out

    Can we stop posting the entire, identical, emails?
  10. RickMachE

    Second batch of NACS adapters are shipping out

    52xx and 53xx ship notices, labels created.
  11. RickMachE

    Ford cancels Model e Dealer Program, letting all US retailers sell EVs

    Wow. That's a major step back for Ford. Like bigtime, we screwed up step.
  12. RickMachE

    Electrify America pricing

    25% discount for $7 a month. Sign up morning of trip, then downgrade. Takes effect 30 days later. Have to use EA app to pay.
  13. RickMachE

    I wonder…

    Well, this guy has... But not a Mach-E.
  14. RickMachE

    Frozen Public Charging App

    I wouldn't. Reset to them means Factory Reset. Sync reset you hold down the volume and right seek buttons and it reboots. One loses all settings, one does not.
  15. RickMachE

    2024 vs. 2021 Headrest

    There is no button
  16. RickMachE

    2024 vs. 2021 Headrest

    There is no lock button. Ford removed it.
  17. RickMachE

    Thieves stealing Level 3 cables

    I'm referring to charging cables being stolen, not copper in general.
  18. RickMachE

    Frozen Public Charging App

    Public Charging / Charge Assist is a server app, i.e. it runs via the Ford servers. If you rebooted Sync and that didn't work, there is no other option that I can think of.