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  1. ARK

    How to remove tree sap stains from plastic trim

    So I think the plastic trim between my windshield and my hood has been stained by tree sap. Is there any way to remove this? I’ve previously been able to remove tree sap from the paint and glass without much issue using alcohol wipes. But there isn’t really any tree sap here, just what I think...
  2. ARK

    Do people like that the navigation directions aren’t always displayed anymore on the driver display after 6.8.0?

    I used my navigation for the first time today since getting 6.8.0 and I got to say, I don’t like the change on the driver display. Before, no matter how far away the next step was, the next turn would always be displayed on the driver display whether 1 mile or 100 miles away. Now, you can’t...
  3. ARK

    What do people think of the Early Access Program

    I’ve been considering joining the Early Access Program for the Mach-E. Have people actually been getting any beta software that subsequently gets revised or pulled? It seems like it is more first access to the updates, which I’d feel better about getting.
  4. ARK

    Electrify America stations are regularly full now - is EA finally making money?

    I’ve only ever charged a handful of times with Electrify America, but I’ve been keeping my eye on how full the stations get since I got my Mach-E in February 2021. It seems the EA stations are consistently full now, at least in Southern California. Are people seeing this across the country? In...
  5. ARK

    Joshua Tree Mach-E

    I had the chance to go to Joshua Tree with my Mach-E this weekend. I thought the rapid red was really popping in the desert. Surprisingly, I didn’t see a single other Mach-E the entire time in the park. I would definitely go again with the Mach-E, EA charging was very smooth. In the end, the...
  6. ARK

    Bluetooth Call Quality Sounds Muffled

    I've been having an issue over the last several months with my phone in my car. Whenever I get a call and it is over the Mach-E's Bluetooth, the sound of the other person is muffled to the point of being incomprehensible. The moment I grab my phone and switch it to speaker mode (to be clear...
  7. ARK

    Bodyshop Raises Estimate from $3,000 to Almost $9,000 - Are they Full of Poop?

    I got into a small accident a few months ago that did some damage to my front right (other car drifted into my lane on a curving road). The other guy’s insurance denied the claim, and I haven’t wanted to submit to my insurance for a worry of a rise in premium regardless of fault. The other...
  8. ARK

    I Now Also Have a Frunk Button - 2021 Job 1 Mach-E

    I hope this isn’t old news at this point, I know @Jimrpa got his frunk button a few weeks ago on his 2021 Job 1, but it appeared in the FordPass for me this morning after setting up PaaK. I have a Job 1 2021 Mach-E SR AWD with a November 2020 build date. My car had been at the dealership for a...
  9. ARK

    First (Minor) Accident - How Bad is It?

    I had my first accident today. Side swiped by someone who drifted into my lane on a sharp curve. My front right side connected with his left rear side. How bad is the damage? I’m most concerned with the light assembly, it looks a little scratched at the edge. Can that be polished? There is also...
  10. ARK

    4.2.5 Update Failing to Install?

    Has anyone else had trouble getting the 4.2.5 update to install? I've tried both to manually do it and to let it update at its set time, but I am consistently getting a failure. FordPass tells me the update has failed to install seven times. I've done the normal stuff like plugging it in...
  11. ARK

    Happy Second Birthday to My Mach-E, best car I’ve ever had

    Technically a day late, but who’s keeping track? Happy second birthday to my Mach-E. Not quite 12,000 miles in, best car I’ve ever had. Very glad I pulled the trigger in February 2021 when I thought I might regret buying a new car while working from home full-time. Who remembers the...
  12. ARK

    Navigation Not Loading/Working After Recent Update

    I recently got what I think was update 4.1.2. Unfortunately, I think it somehow corrupted my navigation app as it is no longer working. When I try to launch the navigation app I get stuck on the loading screen and, after a couple of minutes, it times out and takes me back to whatever screen I...
  13. ARK

    Ford Hits 188,596 EV Sales Through End of Q2; $7,500 Tax Credit Will Remain Until December 31, 2022

    Looks like the IRS recently updated their website and Ford has sold 188,596 EVs and plug-in hybrids in the US through the end of Q2 2022 (June 30, 2022). See IRS EV tax credit page. This means Ford will definitely keep the $7,500 tax credit through December 31, 2022, as was expected but not...
  14. ARK

    What is this dried substance on my headlight

    Can anyone tell me what this dried substance is on my headlight? I can’t get it off. It’s been there for a while. Numerous trips to the carwash have done nothing, a ceramic cleaner has done nothing. I tried scraping it with a fingernail and it sort of very slowly got the top portion a bit...
  15. ARK

    Senate Bill Deal to Expand EV Tax Credits (7/27/2022)

    Bloomberg is reporting that Senator Manchin has agreed to expanding eligibility for the EV tax credit to manufacturers that have had it expire, i.e., Tesla and GM. Notably, this would mean the 2023 Mach-E would also get some form of the tax credit, but I think made in America EVs would get...
  16. ARK

    Ford Authority: Baby Born in Mach-E in Denmark

    Ford Authority: Ford Mustang Mach-E Owner Becomes First Person To Give Birth In One Well, that's one way to prove the Mustang Mach-E has a spacious front passenger seat! Looks like the dealer threw them an event after the birth, hopefully also gave them a free detailing :p
  17. ARK

    Extreme Price Disparity for Replacement Panoramic Roof (Part No. LJ8Z-74500A18-B)

    I took my Mach-E in for the panoramic roof recall today. I knew I would likely have to fork over money for a new panoramic roof because mine got cracked recently and it didn’t seem like it could survive the recall work given how the crack had spread a few feet in a few days. The dealer confirmed...
  18. ARK

    Panoramic Roof Crack

    Unfortunately this morning when I got in my Mach-E, turned it on, and was about to pull away, I heard a percussive pop. I looked up and I saw this crack. I walked out, and this is what I saw. Any chance this was spontaneous damage? Unfortunately, it looks like a rock strike or something...
  19. ARK

    Heated Steering Wheel Seems to Fade After Several Minutes?

    I’ve never really used a heated steering wheel before on another vehicle. It’s really started to grow on me with the Mach-E, it’s actually pretty nice. I’ve had one concern though that I’m wondering if other people have experienced. The heated steering wheel starts off strong, but seems to get...
  20. ARK

    Exactly How Cold Does It Need to Be to Make Plugging In Worthwhile

    Exactly how cold does it need to be to make plugging in worthwhile, where the Mach-E draws on energy from the grid to protect the battery? In my part of Los Angeles, the coldest it ever gets is the high 30s on a few nights per year. Last night was just such a night so I decided to charge my...