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  1. randomvoice

    Do you think the BlueCruise update is still coming to MY21/22 cars?

    I still don't understand the delay. Don't the 21/22 models have the exact same hardware as the 23?Ford better give a year more of free BC to the early adopters because they've totally screwed the pooch with this. Can't believe they expect me to pay 800/year after this joke of a situation!
  2. randomvoice

    2024 Mach-E GT Tested — No More 5 Second Power Limit + What's New For 2024

    This is a decent mid-gen bump however for most existing owners, it isn't significantly different than the existing cars. For all the notariety the '5 second limit' gets, in a real world daily driving scenario, it hardly has ever mattered to me personally. I have a R2 on pre-order which will...
  3. randomvoice

    Have You Ever Ridden in the Back?

    Have driven a few friends around and haven't heard a complain. I do chill out in terms of my driving when I have other people with me so really depends on how one drives it as well. I keep the tire pressure a little lower than the recommended and that has tremendously helped with the comfort.
  4. randomvoice

    It can coast, too!

    The great thing about this car is that it give you the option. For me, I'm never going back. One Pedal FTW. Takes off so much stress while driving after you get used to it. In my opinion, it is also 'safer' since the brakes are always applied as soon as you take the foot off the 'gas' vs...
  5. randomvoice

    First Tesla Superchargers with "Magic Dock" CCS Adapter are online... and charged up a Rivian

    Just park sideways and charge it then. Let Tesla users complain about it on forums and in the news until Tesla listens and extends the cables on their chargers
  6. randomvoice

    Rivian R2 Reveal w/ R3 and R3X Surprises! $45K, 0-60 >3 seconds, 300+ miles range, NACS port, 4695 batteries

    Just put in a reservation. Wife's car will be hitting 10 years in 2026 so will probably land just in time for that. I feel they'll deliver it in 2027 though and by that time, I'm hoping there is a lot of competition in the market.
  7. randomvoice

    2022 Mach E GT sunglasses holder broken and Fremont Ford refused to repair under warranty

    Ah so @Ford Motor Company is again as useless as it gets and DMing them is as good as shouting in the void. Thanks for the update! This is just horrible service from Ford as usual.
  8. randomvoice

    【BestEvMod(AOSK)】Weekend Flash Giveaway Raffle. End on Monday March 4th 23:59 PDT Time

    Here is my entry... Already has a few AOSK product like the rear louvers and a bunch of things on the inside!
  9. randomvoice

    If you have a Mach E and feel screwed by the price slash, call Ford, or don't. LOL

    I bought the car since I needed an extra car as they were calling me back to work. I paid for what I thought was a fair price back then (MSRP). If the price increased due to demand, you wouldn't call Ford and go out to pay extra to them now would you? I've stopped paying attention to this and...
  10. randomvoice

    2022 cyber orange stolen from my driveway (FOUND) [⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    You need to get that insurance money and move bruh. I wouldn't risk getting any new car again if criminals were so balsy that they pulled this shit twice already.
  11. randomvoice

    Touchscreen Frunk Button no longer greys out after vehicle power off!!!

    Oh wow. I literally had to train myself to open the frunk before turning it off. Glad it works like it is supposed to.
  12. randomvoice

    How have you never used L3 DCFC?

    I've not used it once so far in my year of ownership. I have an ICE car for longer roadtrips and honestly, I'm not a big road tripper myself. I just fly to a place and get a rental car.
  13. randomvoice

    The Mach-E needs a REAL refresh!

    Most cars will usually have a 4-5 year cycle between major releases. Don't expect a new Mach E before that. Out of the list there, the only thing that they might add to all cars is Magneride to the mid-cycle launches. The 800v update and significantly more range is probably not gonna happen...
  14. randomvoice

    Macan EV Official Specs & Photos Revealed

    That range is impressive not gonna lie. Anyone know the price yet?
  15. randomvoice

    Why so many jail bars?

    Always have a departure time set for pre-conditioning in the morning. I've never seen more than 1-2 bars after I started doing that even with aggressive acceleration.
  16. randomvoice

    Ford has huge inventory of Mach E

    As far as Tesla is concerned, one look at the Tesla market cap and you can see the answer. They literally have to ship units because the stockholders will not accept them slipping on growth. Their stock price is wayyy over inflated and they're probably scared shitless because even they know the...
  17. randomvoice

    Ford has huge inventory of Mach E

    The reality of the matter is, they're still expensive for an average American and with the interest rates and inflation, most people are hurting financially to splurge. The infrastructure just isn't there yet to support a wide scale electrification. Not everyone has a garage to charge these cars...
  18. randomvoice

    Sharing a list of upgrades to my new 2023 Ford Mach-E GT PE

    Doesn't think mean you need to ditch the heated steering wheel functionality?
  19. randomvoice

    Sharing a list of upgrades to my new 2023 Ford Mach-E GT PE

    Looks amazing! Love the all stealth look. I'm interested in the - rear spoiler (not the wing). Was the installation easy? Not sure how it goes with my red pony without the wing. Did you get the carbon or the glossy one?