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  1. Davedough

    No-drill front plate options

    In the time since I posted that response, a while ago, I've since moved to a new state that doesn't have a front plate. So it worked out!
  2. Davedough

    Trade in Value

    The market is over for used cars (for now). The falling prices of new EVs and tax credits (even though they're reduced now) are making a used Mach E not a very attractive purchase. Couple that with stupid high interest rates and its a shitty market to try and sell, or buy really. I want out of...
  3. Davedough

    GTPE extra torque

    LOL The repair is fine. Everything looks great and looks factory. The problem I have is not getting PPF on the front end and that damn hood chips badly. I've already run out of paint for fixing those chips. Honestly, I'm pretty over this car these days and waiting for the impending ticking...
  4. Davedough

    GTPE extra torque

    If every GT owner submitted a voice memo (with the new update) that says they want the 5 second limiter gone, maybe then they'll do som..... nevermind, they'd just continue to ignore it
  5. Davedough

    Back in the day, would you buy your Mach-E if it was a Ford, not a Mustang?

    Do I have the knowledge I do now of the car, back then? If so, I wouldn't buy it again under any moniker. If its just a flat rewind, I couldn't care less what it's called. I don't call it a Mustang, because quite frankly, its not. I call it a Mach E, but a new name or using a less exciting...
  6. Davedough

    What vehicles have you owned?

    1980 Datsun 310 GX 1980 BMW 318i 1972 Chevy Chevelle Malibu 1950 Chevrolet 1500 pickup 1989 Honda Civic 1984 Toyota 2wd PU 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1994 Jeep Wrangler 1998 Dodge Avenger 2001 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 2006 Chrysler Town & Country (my wife made me do it) 2008 Mitsubishi...
  7. Davedough

    What Do You Hate About Your Mach-E?

    1. Most recently, my BlueCruise has become mostly unusable after having it for over a year where it was pretty decent. Now, it won't hold a line to save its own life. It regularly wanders back and forth in the lane until it crosses either line on either side then yells at me for crossing the...
  8. Davedough

    Mach-E 1400 coming to Forza Horizon 5 soon!

    Bumping an old thread because I only just recently got into Forza Horizon 5. I have in game replicas (as close as possible) of both my cars.
  9. Davedough

    Might have to add new RC to stable... HPI Sport 3 Flux Ford Mustang Mach-e 1400 (goes 70+ mph)

    I'm skeptical of 70mph on a 3S LiPO. I've got a few RC cars and you're not hitting 70mph unless you're running a 6S or higher. If I'm wrong, I'll accept that, but that seems like a bit of a stretch Either way, very cool looking car. Might have to drop some cash
  10. Davedough

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    Its time to get my GT some new shoes and I don't want summers anymore since I drive it year round and don't want to manage a second set of wheels and tires. I was looking at these and they SAY they're all season, but this cross section of the tire leaves me suspicious.... Ride comfort and...
  11. Davedough

    Mach-E catches fire on highway

    yeah, I thought about putting mine there but I worry the sub I installed will make it flap under there
  12. Davedough

    Mach-E catches fire on highway

    Mine hasn't moved since I got it. It still hangs in my garage, unused
  13. Davedough

    No more turn by turn on dashboard for Apple Maps?

    Mine did that, but I disconnected my phone and reconnected it and it worked again. I'm on the 4.1.2 update
  14. Davedough

    4.1.2 OTA pushes to Early Access Mach-E owners

    Got a string of updates between the 10th and the 11th, now I'm sitting on 4.1.1. I was at 3.6.2 (I believe?) since November. I'm guessing the new interface will be here soon. Just adding my note for reference. September 2021 build, been in EA since January 2022.
  15. Davedough

    Propulsion Sound On or Off

    Turned it off Day 1 and have never looked back. Also defeated the external creep speaker and backup beeper. I like my silent car silent
  16. Davedough

    Anyone else experiencing any EV hate after getting your Mach E?

    Well I'm sure those same types would be just as upset about Canada and all their pesky socialism lol
  17. Davedough

    Anyone else experiencing any EV hate after getting your Mach E?

    I live in a coal loving state. They love their diesel trucks and "real" mustangs. I get yelled at, flipped off, cut off, coal rolled, you name it... pretty regularly. I've had people come up to me while I'm just trying to go into a store and start up a conversation that sounds like it's...
  18. Davedough

    Bugatti's design boss says MME looks like male genitalia......

    That's fine Mr. Bugatti. I happen to like my penis. Both the one I drive and the one I carry around
  19. Davedough

    “Private offer” anyone?

    I kind of thought that was the entire point of why I typed that, but perhaps I was too subtle?
  20. Davedough

    “Private offer” anyone?

    Well to be fair, Scott tissues only accept your snot for 5 seconds and then they become 50% less effective