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  1. Grabber Blue Scratch repair gone bad

    Can you guys please share where I can get the correct Grabber Blue Metallic match?
  2. Grabber Blue Scratch repair gone bad

    Tried to get a scratch fixed on my Grabber Blue Mach-e but the end result is bad. The scratch repair guy got the touch up paint from Ford dealership and blames Ford for the mismatch. Is there anywhere I can get a more perfect match or did the repair guy screw it up?Where do I go from here...
  3. Scuff marks on door interior

    Have you figured this out yet? I have the same problem.
  4. How to remove scuff marks on interior door??

    Hello all, Apologies if this has already been answered. How do I remove these scuff marks on interior door?
  5. Scratch Repair?

    That's the first thing I tried. It is a deep cut. Thanks.
  6. Scratch Repair?

    I accidently opened the trunk and it scratched against the interior garage door pull handle. It has left a deep 2 inch scratch as show in the pic. I got an estimate from a collision repair shop for $600. Does any one know if this can be fixed by DIY or any cheaper alternatives?
  7. [Update made it home] Stranded. PaaK and password wiped: "All Phone As A Key access and Backup Start Passcodes were removed..."

    @Ford Motor Company should develop the capability to least remotely unlock and start the car via a phone call. I think you can do this with OnStar!
  8. Installed rear seat footwell accent lighting

    Not color coordinated with the front accent lights. I have auto ambient light set to off.
  9. Installed rear seat footwell accent lighting

    Plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and ran it under the floor mats. Almost invisible with arm rest down. Good enough for me.
  10. Installed rear seat footwell accent lighting

    Installed one of these:
  11. No Ford badge? Wrong!
  12. Pre-pay Ford Options

    Does anyone know what happens if one makes a pre-payment on the principal balance in case of Ford Options? Does it reduce the number of payments or reduces the balloon payment?
  13. Ford Logo.....

    3.500" x 2.420"
  14. Ford Logo.....

    Yep, it bothered me too so I got decal made from and covered it up. ?
  15. PPF installers in metro Detroit

    I'm looking to get PPF on the full front of my Mach-E. Has anybody got this yet? From where and how much did it cost?
  16. Phone as key - key not detected (when driving! :P)

    I'm using Android and run into this issue several times. Maybe the app store is a good place to report the issue.
  17. Comment by 'pmoc09' in item 'First Edition in Grabber Blue'

    My understanding is that the FE is only cosmetically different from the premium ER AWD. You can refer to this thread for more insight. Yes, I paid extra for the looks! ?
  18. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    An update: I was able to take my car to a dealer closer to my home and they were able fix the issues in a couple of hours. I'm all set! ?
  19. My Mach-E with panel gap issue

    After reading your thread. Noticed a couple issues on mine as well! Found liftgate as well as driver and rear doors misaligned ?. The dealer I bought from is 1 hour away. Hopefully a dealer closer to me will be able rectify these issues. ?