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  1. Camera issue

    Any idea what might be causing this?
  2. Automatic unlock not working anymore

    Hi all, I got a new key programmed yesterday and since then the car won’t Auto Unlock when I walk up to it via the phone or the new key. Tried every setting, nothing works. Picture of “Locks” is attached. Any ideas?
  3. Fondmetal rims

    Has anyone heard of this company? Any thoughts on this rim? Fit, finish, concerns? It is available in a 5x108. Size I am looking at is 20x10
  4. How to tuck cable behind screen?

    See attached pic. Does anyone know how I can tuck this cable behind the screen?
  5. Hyperdip review

    I wanted to inform the forum of my experience using Hyperdip, which is a very hyped product, as something that completely overtakes plastidip, and marketed as very easy to apply. For some background, this was probably my 50th spray painting project over a lifetime of DIY projects, and you will...
  6. Help me pick a dash cam

    Would like to buy something with the following features: - 4k dash, interior and rear cam - Parking sensor - Hardwired to the car - Budget $4-500 - Preferably sold by BestBuy so that they can install it for me Thoughts?
  7. Display at low brightness

    This morning, the car main display was at very low brightness, to the point of it being really hard to read. The display behind the steering wheel was fine. Tried shutting down car and restarting, didn't do a thing, any ideas on what might be causing this?
  8. Brake caliper paint advice

    For those that self painted your brake calipers, what paint did you use and how has it held up? I would like to do this but not really interested in spending $800 on powder coating....
  9. Wheels + tires upgrade noob questions

    Hi all, I have some dumb questions that I have spent a fair bit of time researching but really haven't figured out, so I am going to piss people off and add another thread: - I would like to upgrade my wheels and not my tires and as I look at other websites, most show a size of 19x8, but I read...
  10. Welcome lights

    Is it possible to install something similar in the mach e? I don't see any lights at all in the door, just wondering though if anyone has any ideas...
  11. OEM wheels post upgrade-what do you do?

    I've never upgraded my OEM wheels for any of my other cars, but am thinking of doing so this time. Just wondering what people do with the OEM wheels post an upgrade, do you sell them? If so, where and how? I would much rather get rid of them than keep them, but interested in counsel from the...
  12. Stripes and 3M Matrix

    Thanks to all that posted pics of their mods, appreciate the inspiration!
  13. Audible feedback hack?

    Is there some kind of hack to replace the audible feedback from being wired to the horn to instead to wired to something normal humans are okay with? Pay $60k for a car and then feel like I just rented from Enterprise...jeez...I'm ok with spending a bit of money to fix this. And yes, I do want...
  14. New home has plug: will this work?

    Just moved to a new home. It has the attached plug in the garage. Is there some kind of adapter that will enable the car charger to work at higher speeds?
  15. Recommendations for shops in the Bay area?

    Looking for recommendations for shops in the Bay area to put on some stripes, powder coat wheels and calipers, as well as ceramic coat my rapid red MME. Would love to know what you paid, and what services you got. Pics even better!
  16. How bad was my deal?

    So I bought a Rapid Red AWD Premium MME, could not wait so paid $2k over MSRP. However, when I got to the dealership to take delivery, the Sticker was for $55,100 Vs $55,700 on the website, so the markup was over the lower amount. Any idea what happened here? Did Ford increase prices later?
  17. Sales tax

    Hi all, noobie here, looking to buy a Mach E Premium AWD. I have line of sight to one. The dealer is quoting me the Ford options program with the $2600 rebate, but is applying the sales tax calculation on the sale price pre-rebate, not post rebate. Is that correct? Any input is appreciated.