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  1. Latest OTA Update - Rear Camera 3-Split View Not Working

    have you rebooted sync4 since the update? Mine was laggy after 6.14 but a reboot resolved it. Volume down and track forward for 10(?) seconds.
  2. Accidentally over charged

    Are you using premium or mid grade electrons? :cwl: Best I’ve ever seen on my regular old electrons here is 336 miles at 100% (RWD CA Rt 1).
  3. Random range observation

    Mine occasionally is similarly creative in its range estimate. But I also discovered one drive I take somewhat infrequently that I assumed is mostly flat is actually a very long and steady incline/decline. I only noticed this as during the decline leg of the trip I was getting very high...
  4. Mach-E "Chime" Decoder?

    I likewise get chimes that I have no idea what they’re for. Maybe once every couple weeks. It was more often but it turns out the headlight switch was defective and it was telling me my lights were left on (I assume). Replacing switch under warranty got rid of a ton of my unknown chimes.
  5. Pirelli tire noise

    I’m quite happy with my new Pzero Elect all seasons. Keyword is the Elect versions. Nicer ride than the stock Michelin Primacy tires, no discernible range change (gave it 1k miles and miles/kWh is identical), better grip by the european test and in driving it, and to me they seem a tad quieter...
  6. Sound from one speaker only

    I have seen this problem twice. Once early one two years ago and once yesterday. Changing audio sources (audio book to music app) fixed it. Assuming a CarPlay glitch.
  7. Personal Profile Times

    Weird! What does Guest have for its time? Is the wrong time person’s profile smart phone set correctly? Wondering if some Android Auto/Carplay interaction perhaps? Only guess is to try disabling the automatically set time feature for all users (or the rogue time user at least), power cycling...
  8. Chargepoint Home Flex install (wired) - stripped wire prep?

    No need to flatten the wire. Just let the wire clamps do their thing. But your breaker is too big for 8 gauge wire. Highly recommend you swap out with a 50amp breaker (which will charge at 40 amps, i.e. 80% of breaker size for use by continuous loads).
  9. Mach-E Lease from Ford: Who do you make payments to?

    Ford lease payments go to Ford Credit unless your dealer has another leasing company they use (very very unlikely). My guess is your paperwork hasn’t flowed from dealer to Ford Credit properly/yet. Should be most electronic process uunless there was an outage that day or something. Did you sign...
  10. Has anyone received the new phone charger pad from Ford?

    I had the TSB done on the built in charger and it stopped getting so hot, but also still isn’t a very effective charger. I have a Belkin USB-C to MagSafe charger that I typically use if want to charge. I saw a Twraps mat and was very impressed with the design. Just don’t want to sink $100 into...
  11. 6.14.0 Software Update just installed

    Got 6.14 update today. CART1. 2022. Non EA. The moved Sketch app location threw my littlest for a loop for appx ten seconds. Also I’d really like an onboard scale. I’m assuming model model doesn’t have. Would be a good before/after breakfast burrito data source.
  12. Next car after Mach-E

    I couldn’t have said it better. I had only some trivial gremlins with the car but the overall experience for customers has been subpar in my view. Not that Hyundai and Kia EV owners are doing better (worse by most accounts) and don’t get me started on ID4 pains (my coworkers complains weekly...
  13. Next car after Mach-E

    I have a year or so left on my Ford Options plan. Happy with the car and what it has cost me. Will run the numbers on keeping (paying ~20k balloon) vs selling it at that time vs turning it in. Don’t know if the 2025 MachE models will have any significant changes besides NACS. I don’t see many...
  14. OEM tires nearing replacement - suggestions

    I just bought the P Zero Elect tires for my CA RT1 (18”). Have another thread debating than or the Hankook Ion Evo ones. Both seem like excellent options. Generally a better experience to a the stock Primacy A/S. No noticeable efficiency gains/losses (yet), similar road noise, better...

    I’d guess a low take rate and added manufacturing complexity for a low volume color. Or they’re having a supply issue for that particular shade. Possibly both. The Ford Bronco also dropped it as an available color last year, but got a yellow added as an option.
  16. 18" Tire Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies so far everyone!
  17. 18" Tire Recommendations

    Update: In case it helps anyone, I wound up going with the Pirelli P Zero AS Plus ELECT. Discount Tire had all brands I was looking at in stock for about the same cost (Pirelli on sale, they'd price match for the Hankook). They seemed very similar in construction, reviews seem...
  18. Tolls Not Detecting IPASS

    Have you tried the new iPass sticker (replaces the transponder). Had good luck with sticker used in other states.
  19. Shipping Company?

    Congrats. Enjoy the warmer weather.