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  1. joes723

    15” or 16” is the way to go for the rear wiper blade?

    NGL, love the new profile photo! Haha I still need to get at least the 15. Here in the PNW that rear wiper is sad. 😂
  2. joes723

    I Saw a Mach-E Rally!

    Eruption Green Metallic is an available color on the Rally… the bronze package is not. But that won’t stop someone from wheel swapping if they were the bronze rims. Could not have been the bronze grill, with the Rally fogs unless someone already did a crazy mod or a shitty printed skin over the...
  3. joes723

    AC or Open Windows?

    Never windows open because one word; drag. You’ll significantly decrease your efficiency with the windows down versus AC. Many many tests from numerous different sources say it will decrease your efficiency by as much as 20% with the windows down.
  4. joes723

    So This Pretty Much Guarantees no BlueCruise Updates

    They actually have more incentive now to push the updates quicker and broader since 1.2 and 1.3 are available in existing vehicles on the road. This can lead to a higher level of mass confidence that the tech was not the primary cause of the collision. (common sense right?) Level 2 is the...
  5. joes723

    How to dry the car effectively after washing

    I’m glad to know I’m not looking like a complete idiot using my leaf blower after it’s washed. :crackup: Then use the “absorb” brand drying sheet and dry microfiber cloth on the windows to clean up any streaks.
  6. joes723

    How do I get the permit for install home level 2 charger

    Depending on where you are in WA (which city) will just determine how long it could take to get a city inspection. So, to hedge your bet you can apply for it even if it’s not completed but they will want to see how the outlet was wired, connection to the panel plus any runs used. When we bought...
  7. joes723

    FordPass Range Went From 280 to 275 - While Sitting in Garage on FCCS?

    I can’t help it…so you woke up on 4/20, opened the app and was like “dude…where’s my range?” ??? 😂🤣😂🤣 sounds like you were celebrating early. 🕶️🥬💨 (Joke and satire post in case anyone is offened)
  8. joes723

    Regular People Are Finding Out How Bad Tesla FSD Is

    We also have a M3P with FSD with the latest beta version update (v12.3.3 “supervised”). Which, ironically now uses the tiny camera inside the cabin above the rear view mirror to monitor the driver instead of just the steering wheel input. If you know the history of Tesla, and their leader, who...
  9. joes723

    Missing my Mach E GT

    Glad everyone involved wasn’t hurt. enterprise on the eastside gave me a RAV4 👀😂🤬 I’m anxiously waiting for my GTPE to come back home. Rear end accident and the shops taken about a month to get parts and get it 99% finished.
  10. joes723

    Not the intro I would've liked

    yeah my bad didn’t see the little ** leading to that chart. At least they can pay for map updates haha 😵‍💫
  11. joes723

    Not the intro I would've liked

    Literally the same thing happened to me back in January after just getting my MME GTPE back from the HVBJB replacement. Currently in the shop since February 25th. Even though Ford might not pause/extend the BC trial, you can use the ford pass rewards points to renew your subscription. Then...
  12. joes723

    Get togethers

    Tesla owners do a lot of get togethers cause they have sort of “official” Tesla groups. Now that we made it through the big dark well all start coming out of hibernation 😂
  13. joes723

    Get togethers

    Once my MME is out of the shop yes!
  14. joes723

    Dealer says SOBDMC replacement needed-Not HVBJB?

    If this is the HVBJB, would this be the first 2023? I thought only 2021-2022 built before may something 2022 were affected. I could be wrong. 🥴
  15. joes723

    Washington State tab renewal

    I wonder if those Telsas don't get Pacific Northwest passive aggressive notes on their windshields 😆 i would definitely leave a note 🤣
  16. joes723

    More Mach-E Sightings

    We have 3 MME's (inc mine) in our neighborhood here in Black Diamond. I see premium's/GT's all the time but hardly ever see GTPE's. I always try and wave to people but I dont think they see me :cool:
  17. joes723

    Scratched wheel rim on curb on a leased car. should I fix it

    In the lease contract, under the normal wear and tear there might be something that mentions curbed rims. I did something similar in a Ford Edge ST and returned it as is. No ding or monetary penalty.
  18. joes723

    Issaquah EA

    The one at Target? I just used it a couple months back and got about 92-107kw/avg. peaking a couple times to like 115-125kw. Was someone else using the other side? I was charging alone that time.