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  1. New2EV

    Help with windshield chip

    Yesterday my windshield was hit by a rock from a dump truck on the highway. I was driving in the middle lane when he pulled over in front of me and launched the rock. I have dashcam video of the rock flying off the dump truck and the loud whack when it hit my windshield. Plus the dashcam got...
  2. New2EV

    EV's as rental cars

    On a recent business trip to Phoenix, Avis upgraded me to a Tesla Model 3. As a MachE owner that had never driven a Tesla, I was excited to drive one for a few days. But with the hassles of living out of a hotel (that didn't have onsite charging), I'm not sure I'd do it again. And if it had...
  3. New2EV

    Sync froze while backing up

    Just what the title says. I was backing out of my driveway this morning. The 360 camera was on when suddenly the screen image froze. Luckily I recognized it before I backed into my son's car. I stopped, tried a Sync reset and eventually turned the car off and back on to bring sync back...
  4. New2EV

    FiXED...No way to access the camera??

    I have a 2021 Job1 that just updated to 4.1.2. but I didn't get a camera button on top And there isn't a menu option for the camera. I have no way of accessing the camera now other than putting it in reverse. I'm told this is the right sync version. Also, my Bluecruise isn't working and...
  5. New2EV

    Do you eat in your car?

    I have a rule in my eating.....ever.....period. Not even me. Picking up takeout or fast food is fine, but your not eating it until we get home.....not even a fry. Drinks (with lids and straws), are fine too, just be careful. So we go through a fast food place and my wife orders ice...
  6. New2EV

    What J2534 devices work for programming the Mach E?

    I've read through a lot of the posts on this site trying to figure out what J2534 would be best to buy. I see a lot of people are using the Mongoose Plus or Pro. I've read Ford's recommended J2534 tools. But I'm curious what other programmers are people using? Are all J2534 tools going to...
  7. New2EV

    Mostly Dark Mode Screen?

    This happens several times a week on my center screen. I keep it in full time dark mode, but randomly it shows the radio section in light mode. The only way to clear it is to go into display settings and change to light mode and then back dark. Turning the car off and back on sometimes fixes...
  8. New2EV

    Brake pads sticking to rotors

    I've read on here that there's a TSB for brake pads sticking to the rotors. Has anyone had their pads replaced at a dealer for this issue? Did it solve the problem? Was it done under warranty? My car sat since Saturday and we've had a few rainstorms. This morning the brakes were stuck...
  9. New2EV

    PAAK Profiles

    I'm a recent full-time PAAK conversion. But I didn't like the hassle of turning Bluetooth on and opening FordPass for PAAK and then turning Bluetooth back off to save phone battery when I wasn't driving. I found an App called Phone Profiles Plus on Google play that allows me to set up profiles...
  10. New2EV

    Grizzl-E Refurbished

    If anyone is interested, Grizzl-E has some refurbished units in stock again. Save about $40 or so on a 40A charger.
  11. New2EV

    Smaller Key FOB

    I thought I'd start a new thread instead of continuing to take over someone else's. Since PAAK has issues and I rarely take the FOB out of my pocket, I attempted to make a smaller key fob out of an aftermarket FOB bought...
  12. New2EV

    Insurance not setup for Mach E?

    Has anyone else had issues getting insurance for the Mach E? I have AAA for my house and cars. I picked up my Mach E yesterday and called them to have it added to my policy. They told me the car is too new and their system isn't set up for it yet. All they can do is add it as an eco-boost...
  13. New2EV

    Ford Options Incentive Cash Removed?

    Did Ford remove the incentive cash from the Mach E options plan? My X-plan incentives used to list $1100 for my area, but now only shows $100. My car arrives next month. I thought the last update I saw, the options $1000 incentive was good through at least Sept.
  14. New2EV

    Mach E structural build

    Great article on the structure of the Mach E and Ford's use of varying materials.