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  1. What to do with 22k points

    I have 22k unused points. Got them when I bought the car in 2022. They're about to expire in 2 wks. Is there anything worth getting with them? I don't really need any services right now.
  2. Giving Credit where Credit is due

    I've been pretty critical of Ford in the past for a variety of things such as the power limit on the GTs, or the poor implementation of the first HVBJB recall, but I will give Ford credit when they do something right. Last week, I got the SVS/SNN message at almost 30k. Dreading the dealer...
  3. And so it begins...

    Looks like EVs have hit a critical point now where we're turning on each other. EVs icing other EVs....
  4. Range and Heat

    We all know that cold weather affect range, but apparent high heat also affect range. Did you guys noticed any decrease range with the recent heat wave? If so, how much was it affected?
  5. Which MSRP pricing strategy do you prefer? Traditional or Tesla?

    Which pricing strategy to you guys prefer? Tesla's dynamic pricing where it can go up or down based on market conditions? Or Traditional OEM pricing when it's stable and only adjusted when a new model year comes out.
  6. DId Ford Unshackled the GTPE?

    I noticed lately that I have less jail bars than before when the battery is low. Today, at only 38% charge, I only had 2 jail bars. Furthermore, I was able to activate Unbridle extended with such a low state of charge. Have you guys noticed this?
  7. Toyo Extensa II tires

    So the GTPE finally got new shoes. I decided to go with the Toyos. Let me tell you, they're night and day in terms of comfort compared to the OEM Pirelli. The ride is no longer harsh. I would almost say they're cushy. I'm really happy with them. Haven't tested them yet in terms of grip...
  8. Help with Setting up PAAK (Solution found)

    I had PAAK set up since I got the car in March 22. It has worked well enough. However as of last week, it just disappeared. I went on vacation for 2 weeks, so the car sat at home. It went into deep sleep. I'm not sure if it's related. When I got home from vacay, PAAK did not respond, so I...
  9. Tire Choices

    So its almost time to get the GTPE new shoes. In the past, I always went with Summer performance tires, but now I'm not so sure. Now that it is wetter and colder and my tires are worn, I'm finding that it's much easier to kick out the back end when making a turn. Great fun. It was really...
  10. Screen behind steering wheel staying on.

    I just noticed that the screen behind the steering wheel is staying on even after I turned off the car. I'm pretty sure it turned off immediately before after I shut off the car and opened the door. But after the last update, 3.6.1? the screen stays on. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  11. GTPE Tire size

    What's the widest tires that the stock GTPE wheels can accommodate?
  12. How many miles are go getting out of your OEM tires?

    GTPE here, I'm right around 11k miles and just checked my tires. I'm close to the wear bars. I may be able to squeeze out another 2k or 3k. So pretty much going to have to replace tires well under 15k miles. How many miles are you guys getting out of your OEMs?
  13. Who hasn't gotten the OTA recall yet?

    Its now late October. and I haven't gotten the recall OTA yet. It was suppose to go out sometime in August. I'm starting to believe that Ford is staggering the OTA updates so not to overload the dealer network with too many SSN that are occurring soon after the recall updates. Just wondering...
  14. What is the most you would pay for a Mach E

    Seeing how car prices keep getting increase, what is the most you would pay for a GTPE before looking at something else? Ask another way, what's the most FORD can charge for a MME GTPE before you start looking elsewhere? Now that the GTPE is approaching 80k out the door, its really getting...
  15. Traction control

    When you deactivate traction control, does it completely shut it off, or increase the amount of wheel slip before it act to save you before you lose control?
  16. Recall icon disappeared

    Did anyone recall icon disappeared on their FordPass app? Mine is not there anymore. My last update was 3.11 on August 8th. Did ford pulled the recall?
  17. OTA software update stuck?

    I got the 3.1 OTA on august 8th. On August 13th, I got the noticed to download 3.2. After clicking yes, it's been radio silence. I have auto update on, and I drive 60miles daily and charge at home daily with good wifi. Its been almost 2 wks and no 3.2 update. Anything else I need to do...
  18. What's your next EV?

    Since it takes about 6-12 months to get any EV nowadays, What EV would you consider if you were to move on from the MachE? I'm sorta happy with the GTPE (frustrated with the power reduction and Ford's response with the current recall.) But I figured with the market where it current stands...
  19. Incorrect Mileage on EV trip

    I notice today that under EV trip, that the mileage was incorrect. I traveled 30 miles, but the car/app indicated that I traveled 53 miles. The total time of the trip was correct though. When I reviewed the EV trip log, I noticed that this has been happening about once a week. I never...
  20. Failed to charge

    I have a Grizzl-E Dumb charger at home. I have the MachE set to start charging at 10pm every night. So far since I had the car in March, It has failed to charge twice. No warning, nothing. Got in the Car in the morning and noticed that the car did not charge. has this every happened to...