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  1. Remote Vehicle setup stuck at 50% on website

    Hello all. My remote vehicle setup is stuck at 50% on the Ford Website. Is there ANY way to resolve this issue. Its setup for the car, but I have no way to make edits to my profile on the website itself. This is literally the only issue I have run into with the car, and the night I got it there...
  2. National Drive Electric Week in Poolsville, MD

    For anybody interested the MD Drive Electric Event in Poolsville MD looks absolutely massive this year, but not too many mustang mach-e's. Let's remedy that.
  3. [Updated with lane change assist video] Something I didn't know about the Mustang Mach-E until I owned it!

    Updated with videos: The fact on intelligent cruise control it can do lane changes by using the blinker. It was the one thing I though I would miss out on by not getting a Tesla with the FSD package. The one small sacrifice in an otherwise great car. However, the MME can do that! It's...