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  1. 03/12/22 - Another round of updates available - Bluecruise? - Job1 and Job2

    What’s with all the fear mongering @DevSecOps? Looks like people are allowing the updates to happen on both “Job1” and “Job2” cars (whatever that means), and everything is working fine. Like they didn’t think this through? Give me a break.
  2. My Impressions of BlueCruise after a 300 mile trip

    can you explain what you don’t like here a little more? Is it the lack of a chime? Or the eyes off warming? Something else?
  3. I'm giving up

    Have you contacted @mrlevine on Twitter? He seems to be able to help with things like this
  4. 14 Min Footage of BlueCruise in Mach-E w/ Prompts, Lane Changes, Warnings, Stop-n-Go

    I think it will work in Canada. They tested there.